The talking beer glass – your own bartender at home

Talking beer glass.

If like me, you enjoy the occasional glass of beer whilst watching a home movie or the football, then the talking beer glass is definitely for you.

This is a device that falls under the “cool gadgets you never knew you needed” category, which unfortunately we don’t have at, so we’ve had to file it somewhat lamely under “whacky” and even worse; “kitchen”.

The talking beer glass has internal sensors that monitor that all-important parameter: the amount of beer left in the glass.

As you sip your fine ale and concentrate on the game, the glass can warn you that you are imminent danger of finishing your beer with one of three standard warnings:

  • “Your beer is running dangerously low.”
  • “Refill immediately – danger of sobering up.”
  • “Cheers!” – if you don’t have any friends to enjoy the game with.

Of course we’d like a few extra warnings such as:

  • “Your beer’s getting warm – finish it quickly.”
  • “Don’t drink this one, you’ve put out a cigarette in it.”

And the comforting:

  • “Don’t worry, there’s still another bottle in the fridge!”

We do have just one criticism though, which we make with great reluctance because it’s a bit like criticising the idea of putting toilet paper on a roll – and that’s that this gadget is seriously ugly.

But at $35 dollars a glass, it’s definitely a cool Christmas present and with only 288 days left to go, we would suggest you order now to avoid disappointment.

I wonder if it’s machine washable.

Visit the The talking beer glass website.

3 thoughts on “The talking beer glass – your own bartender at home”

  1. It is cool isn’t it. I wonder if it’s a male or female voice? I guess male, but a sultry, female voice would be my choice.

    It was $21 this morning, now it’s $35. Order it soon!

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