Ambient Art – Okay Another Technicolor Light

Technicolor Lighting
If you want to liven up a room, why not use the advice of interior designers and use lighting to expand your visual awareness and satisfaction. Or you could just check out the Jellephish, an amazing technicolour chill lamp.

The Jellephish is one of those mood enhancing lights, that has a near infinite number of shades. It’s got a few preset programs, can be controlled by it’s own remote or will just colour warp along to any playing music.

I think Firebox explained it quite nicely:

We’ve seen some astonishing examples of mood lighting in our time but this ultra-modern masterpiece takes the biscuit. Indeed, in terms of style and functionality, the colour changing, remote controlled Jellephish Mood Lamp takes the biscuit, smashes it with an anvil and blasts the crumbs into infinity aboard a rocket piloted by Cookie Monster.

As you’ve probably guessed you can buy it from Firebox