Pentax’s new Optio T10

Pentax Optio T10

For most professional and novice photographers, taking pictures, no matter if it’s digital images or the traditional type, is focusing on your target and clicking the button to snapshot your photo. Well, time have changed and moved on, in fact Pentax have moved further, by creating camera that takes pictures without using shutter button.

Pentax’s new Optio T10 does not need a shutter button to take pictures. In fact, all you need is to look through at the 2.5-inch LCD screen, and utilise the touch screen feature to capture your image. The retail price of the Optio T10 is approximately to be priced around $350 when released to the public some time in late March or early April. Though small in size, the 6-megapixel camera is definitely worth its price for the technology that comes with it. Furthermore, it has a 3x optical zoom to allow users to take pictures from a distance.

In the quest to make the PC obsolete for image editing—and make simple point-and-shoot cameras more fun–the T10 includes a host of processing options, including the ability to copy a face from one photo and paste it in another. You can also write on your images using the included stylus pen.

Specification of the Optio T10 can be found here.