ViewSonic VP930b

Though you may agree that this may be just another business LCD monitor, but the Viewsonic VP930b model has an additional small significant that makes it different from others. In fact, this LCD monitor has a factory assembled base stand, such that it is packed together with the same unit as the screen itself, unlike others that have base stands packed in separately from panel units.

Well, the advantage of the VP930b is the incredible panel adjustment flexibility provided by the stand itself. Users can swivel the 19-inch panel on its axis to up to 270 degrees and with a full 6.5-inch vertical travel up and down the stand, to suit users’ need. With a stable X-shaped base and hefty weight, the LCD screen is unlikely to topple over easily even if it’s raised to the highest point. The panel can also be tilted forward and backward by 5 and 20 degrees respectively.

Besides the usual connection to the PC, the VP930b also added two D-sub connections in addition to a DVD-D port, which is essentially a good package. Viewsonic has also bundled in PerfectSuite, a calibration software for more advanced users with demanding needs that involve having to exercise with different colour and viewing profiles. One of the most noteworthy features within the software is the ‘Theft Deterrence‘, which essentially works to allow full LCD usability only when the correct PIN number is entered.

Suitable for both office and home usage, while offering two analog D-sub video outputs and a DVD-D port, the Viewsonic VP930b is clearly one of coolest LCD screen one can get. With added PerfectSuite software and the theft deterrence option, the USD$435 priced monitor is absolutely a good bargain.

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  1. Though I am still making up my mind, I agree that this is really a good price for a neat product. Though I recommend that it will be good to read some strong reviews which does talk about some cons that we might tend to overlook. Try searching this one on and hope it helps you make up your mind and please do tell me when you decide 🙂

  2. I recently bought the VP2030b which is basically the same monitor but 21″ version, cost me about $900 though (im in rip off Britan :p)

    It is an awesome monitor and one of the big differences between this and most ‘swivel’ monitors, it detects when you turn it on its side and changes your desktop res for you. Most monitors require you to manually rotate the screen res.

    Also handling up to 1600×1200 which I must admit is the reason I bought it, I couldn’t buy a monitor with anything less than 1600×1200.

    I couldn’t recommend the monitor enough.

    My only suggestion was make sure you use the PerfectSuite software to make sure your colour balance is correct, I was truely impressed with the picture colours and quality then I ran the software and calibrated the monitor and was blown away even more. You could also if you wish use the adobe colour correction tools.

    If you’re looking for a new monitor for professional graphics editting or just every day use, you will not go wrong with this or the 2030b monitor.

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