Real Time Traffic Reports

Traffic Map
If you’re sick of getting caught up in jams and want to be one step ahead of the rush hour masses a Seattle based company may have the answer by means of the Traffic Gauge, an ultra portable mobile traffic map.

The device looks very simple and easier to use, with the large screen showing a map overlaid with traffic information and highlights hot spots to be avoided if you want to get home on time.

It does have it’s limitations, primarily in the areas it covers. Presently it only has versions for San Francisco Bay, LA/Orange County and Seattle. Though we’d expect this to expand if the device takes off.

You can find further info on the Traffic Gauge site and with prices starting at $49 it offers pretty good value, if you’re in the right place.

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  1. This won’t have a lot to do with the device taking off but more with cities that start tracking freeway speeds and willing to open the information to outside companies. Take a look at and you’ll see something rather similar.

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