VOIP Flip Mouse

Mouse PhoneThis is yet another cool PC accessory, a mouse that transforms into a VOIP phone by the flick of the lid.

VOIP (Voice Over IP) has been getting more and more popular over the last year or so, partly (okay mainly) due to the money saving benefits. Many companies are trying to make VOIP phones fit the general mould of the conventional phone, what I like about this is it dares to be dfferent.

It’s only available in Japan at the moment, but if it prove popular I’m sure it will be brought over to both sides of the pond in the near future.

The mouse functions as you’d expect (scroll wheel included) but when an incoming call is detected a blue light in the mouse flashes (as well as what ever your VOIP software of choice does) and you flick open the mouse to recieve the call.

It’s a cool idea and though I wouldn’t use it myself (I like lots of mouse buttons). It could be a hit for people that can chat without feeling lost that the mouse no longer moves the cursor and instead just scratches your face.

[Found via Stuff Magazine]