Get Fit Watching TV

The Entertrainer
This one is not so new but it’s the first time I’ve heard of it (from CES coverage of course). Okay the title is a little bit misleading as you do have to excerise as well, but the way the EnterTrainer works is pretty cool (and annoying).

The EnterTrainer works as an interface between you and your TV which basicly means if you don’t exercise you can’t watch the box. To get started with it you need to program in your gender, length of workout and intensity. You then stap the supplied heart rate monitor to your arm which I assume will record your current heart beat and then calculate what it should be when your workout commences. When your doing your workout if your pulse isn’t at the required level it will lower the volume of the telly making it annoyingly
difficult to hear and if you’re really lazy it will turn it off.

I can see this helping a few couch potatos get a little bit fitter though maybe by throwing the EnterTrainer against the wall, I hope it bounces. You can find more info at the EnterTrainer site.

Thanks go to Everything Fitness and their Heart Rate Monitors for helping with this post.

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  1. I find this to be a good idea although after a way I would just give up with it and turn the EnterTrainer off.

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