Soy Sauce Dispensing Chop Sticks

Soy Sauce Chop Sticks
I’ve never really mastered chop sticks, and usually find myself resorting to a fork or fingers when I visit the local Chinese. However these chop sticks with built in soy sauce dispenser may make me try to be a bit more patient with these eating implements.

You’ve got to wonder how somebody comes up with an idea like this. I can imagine a couple of blokes enjoying a sushi when the following conversation occurred:

Bloke 1: Pass me the soy sauce mate
Bloke 2: Hold on I’ll have to put my chop sticks down while I reach over for it
Bloke 1: Cheers mate, wouldn’t it be good if we had a bottle of sauce each?
Bloke 2: Yeah that would be great, hey I know what would be better: Soy Sauce dispensing chop sticks
Bloke 1: Wow man, you should invent them and make a million

I wonder if that’s how it happened 🙂

[Chop Sticks found via boingboing]