Ice Cube Maker

How many times have you ran out of ice or knew that you were going to run out of ice and that it would take hours to freeze more cubes or you would have to run to the corner store to purchase a bag of ice? Well, with the ice cube maker you will not have to worry about running out of ice any more. It only takes around 20 minutes to freeze ice cubes!

It does only make small quantities of ice, but for a party it will be perfect unless you have hundreds of guests.

All you have to do is fill the water reservoir with cold tap water and you will have ice cubes in about 20 minutes the first time you use it, subsequent uses will not take as long. Therefore, just start making the ice cubes about 20 minutes before the party is to start and you will not have to worry about making ice the rest of the evening.

You will be able to choose from different size ice cubes by just flicking a switch. The larger cubes normally take around 18 minutes while the smaller cubes take about 12 minutes.

It is self-contained so there is no need to drain and cleaning is a breeze. This is the best way to have ice cubes with you no matter where you go. Take it along on your vacation and you can have ice cubes in your hotel room and not have to search around for the ice machine in the lobby or wherever they hide it.

You will however need an electrical outlet so taking it to the beach is probably out of the question.

You can find this nifty ice cube maker online for £199.99 or around $240.00 USD.