Cool USB Memory Storage Devices

If you are tired of those ordinary, plain old USB memory storage devices and want a little more to spruce up your computer, you will be glad to know that there are many unique memory storage devices in several shapes, color, and designs.

You can enjoy choosing from replicas that resemble sushi, cute little ducks in various colors, a giant thumb, sake, shrimp, and even a plate of spaghetti for a USB extension cable.

The sushi comes in an array of flavors such as 1 GB Otoro, 128 MB Shuumai, 128 MB Takoyaki, 128 MB Salmon, 128 MB Uzura Nattom, 128 MB Tobikko, 128 MB Ebi, 128 MB Futomaki, 128 MB Maguro, 128 MB Tuna, 128 MB Sea Urchin, 128 MB Salmon Roe, 32 MB Tuna Maki, and 32 MB Kappa.

The new i-Duck is the one pictured and comes in pink, yellow, blue, tangerine, army, and heart. It uses a USB 1.1 interface and has a maximum storage capacity of 256MB. When you plug in your i-Duck, it lights up. You can also find a clear type of the iDuck that looks just a bit different and the glow is also unique. They come in clear, strawberry, Blue Hawaii, and lemon.

The Thumb is actually an authentic 128 USB Thumb Drive to give your computer a personality all of its own.

Now on to the plate of spaghetti. It is really a USB extension cable that can be used with the shrimp USB memory. You can attach the shrimp onto the fork and there you go.

Not only will you be giving your computer its own unique personality, but also you will have a new conversation piece. And who really cares anyway. If you enjoy new and different items to try out with your computer, this gives you something unique that not everyone has. Your computer will be the only one with a pink duck with hearts, or one with a plate of spaghetti.