VOIP – Voice and now Video

Voice over IP (VOIP) has been one of the technology biggies this year with millions of people saving a fair amount of cash off their regular phone bills. Voice calls are pretty cool but video has got to be the way of the future. This is probably why major leaguers Sony have teamed up with GlowPoint to offer free video and voice services.

The major problem with this technology is that both Voice and Video begin with the letter V, so the acronym VOIP cannot cope with this new technology. Sony with their decades of technology naming experience have decided to call this new venture VoIP Plus.

Joking asside the technology looks pretty cool and who doesn’t like free things that improve on existing technology and also save you money.

I like the way Sony has decided to team up with smaller glowbal (sorry) player who obviously know the VoIP market better than most, and I like the way the CEO of GlowPoint put it:
“With millions of Americans already using the Internet for voice-only communications, the demand already exists for something even better— the ability to talk online while seeing each other `face-to-face’,” said David Trachtenberg, chief executive officer at GlowPoint. “By continuing to innovate with Sony we are bringing a seamless communications experience to people around the world.”

The basic service is free and you can download the required software and find out all the information you need from sonyive.com.