Jonny Glow

How many times have you gotten up in the middle of the night to run to the bathroom and are blinded by the light? Well, now you can enjoy going to the bathroom and not even worrying about turning on a light at all. You will see exactly where you should go.

The woman of the house is sure to love this gadget as much as any man. There will be no clean up worries the morning. Everything will be exactly where it should be. The Jonny Glow lights your way to aim and aim correctly each and every time without a blinding light. This is also great if you do not wish to turn on the light and wake up others by the lights.

This unique gadget lights the rim of the toilet for an easy way to use the toilet in the dark and no mess.

The Jonny Glow will charge its nighttime light during the day under normal light and then will glow for everyone to find the spot they need in the bathroom. The toilet will be lit for all to see. Other great features of the Jonny Glow include it will glow all night long, very easy to clean, there is no need for batteries or electricity, during day light hours you can not even tell it is there, and at night you will be able to tell if the lid is up or down.

The Jonny Glow is a great gift for anyone that has a man in the house, a unique wedding gift or even a bachelor party gift. Whether you desire a big laugh or the real convenience of aiming in the dark, you will love the Jonny Glow. For more information and to hear the theme song check out the website at

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