Whiskas Cat Bed

If your cat as fussy as most and do not enjoy sleeping the normal dull cat bed then your meticulous little friend is sure to love the new Whiskas Cat Bed.

Any cat will love the stylish look and appeal of this cat bed. All cats absolutely love small places and their own time to be left alone. Giving your cat their own unique one of a kind bed will have them purring and eating out of your hands in a matter of minutes instead of the other way around.

Even the finickiest cats love spending their catnaps in these wonderful and comfortable beds designed especially for them. Your cat will be the top cat among all the other neighborhood cats in the area with this innovative, sleek and wonderful designer bed for cats. This unique cat bed is made from durable and easy to clean plastic. As a matter of fact, all you have to do is wipe and it is clean. It will give your cat many hours of cozy comfort with the soft and slink double-sided faux fur. The faux is machine washable so you can always keep your cat’s bed clean and fresh smelling, unlike the litter box.

Other features of the Whiskas Cat bed include the amount of space that your cat will enjoy while snoozing which is 45 by 28 centimeters and the exterior is 55 by 32 by 30 centimeters.

You will love the wipe clean matt plastic body and the double sided faux fur because they are very easy to clean and the fact that it is made with re-cyclable plastic.

You can find this Whiskas Cat Bed online for £29.99 or USD $48.28 and give your cat the bed they deserve. You know how cats are, they enjoy luxury, attention, and when they choose freedom to be left alone.

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  1. Could you please tell me if I can buy this bed as bid on some on eBay but there going for ridiculous prices, really want one for my daughters new kitten 🙁

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