Scorpion 200 Spray and Stun Gun


How many times have you had to walk to your car in a parking garage after dark, walk home from a school function in the evening, or traveling through a crowded area in the twilight hours? Any of these times you could have been attacked. You never know when danger may be lurking in the bushes outside your home, office or even after a ball game at school. When an attack occurs seconds count, you may not have time to wait on the police or any one else for help. Protecting yourself against these life-threatening possibilities is the best way to ensure your own safety.

The Scorpion 200 Spray and Stun Gun could save your life or the life of a loved one. This great gadget gives you two powerful non-lethal defense mechanisms in one life-protecting gadget.

The Scorpion 200 Spray and Stun Gun paralyzes your attacker with 200,000 volts or blind them with the pepper spray. The stun gun mechanism will put your attacker down for around 30 minutes, that is enough time to get the authorities there to make an arrest and for you to get away.

This is the most powerful personal safety device that you can buy on the market today. It is manufactured in Eastern Europe and is used by many police agencies in the roughest neighborhoods you can think of. So, why not protect yourself and your family with a safety device that police officers use.

Features of the Scorpion 200 Spray and Stun Gun include, a lightweight easy to use safety device, small, inconspicuous, 100 percent reliable, and has no lasting ill effects on the attacker. The size of 6 inches by 2 ¼ inches by 1 ¼ inches is just the right size to carry around in your purse or pocket and only weighs around 11 ounces. You can find this personal safety Scorpion 200 Spray and Stun Gun for about $100 USD online.

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