The TV Listener


Are you tired of trying to hear your favorite television shows with all the noise in the house? Do you always hear your wife tell you to turn down the TV while you are watching the big game? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and wish you could turn on the television without disturbing your spouse? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need the infrared cordless TV headset system.

This cool gadget allows you to watch TV and hear it without any disruptions and without distributing others. Anyone else in the room will be able to do their homework, read their favorite magazine, or even sleep while you enjoy watching your favorite television shows.

The TV Listener is also great for people that are hearing impaired or just like listening to the television very loudly. They will be able to hear it as loud as they wish without bothering any one else.

The TV Listener works like your Television remote control and converts sound into invisible infrared light waves. The headset converts these waves back into high fidelity stereo sound without any wires or those large headsets.

It is compatible with any television, audio device, stereo or any other type of sound source. It comes complete with all the adapters you will need for monaural and stereo and a microphone adapter if you television does not have the audio output jack.

You will love the lightweight headset and the quality of the sound you hear. You will not be getting in interference, not have to adjust tuning, and no frequency drift. It even has a manufacturer’s six month limited warranty all for only around $8.00 online.

So, why wait any longer to enjoy your favorite shows any time of the day or night without any interruptions or disturbing others. They also make great gifts for just about anyone.

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  1. Saw this one your site and thought I’d buy one for Christmas present.. But where are you finding it for $ 8.00 ??

    They have all been $30 to $ 50

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