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Are you tired of drinking bottled or can beer and desire a refreshing cool one that tastes like they use to from the tap? Well, with the beer machine you can create your own home brew and enjoy them at home.

With the beer machine you will be enjoying your own home made beer easier than getting into your car, driving to the bar or to your local store to get your favorite brew. All you have to do is add the beer mixture, water and yeast into your beer machine. All the ingredients are natural and is not full of all those chemicals you find in your local bottled or canned beer. Now, all you have to do is wait for around 7 to 10 days and you will partaking of your very own 17 pints of home brew.

If you have ever tired home brew before, you will be glad to learn that the brew you get from the beer machine is not like those homemade liquors you may have tried before. It is not harsh, murky and undesirable in flavor. The beer made with the beer machine will go down smooth and you will love every drop.

Along with the beer machine you will receive pressure relief valve, de-foamer system, carbonation unit, the main body of the beer machine which comes in 2 separate parts so you can clean it very easily, 2 extra pub tap handles so you can label and even personalize your beer, and a brewing guide so you can always create wonderful tasting brew.

The beer machine ale mix comes in a 3 pack which has 3 different flavors like Honey Brown, Canadian Red and Pale Ale. The Beer machine lager mix comes in a 2 pack which has 2 flavors which include the American Pilsner and the Canadian Red.

You and your friends will always enjoy a fresh beer if you wish to share with the guys the next time they come over to watch the big game. But, you may be a bit selfish and not wish to share at all.

You can find the beer machine online for around £99.99 and $160.98 USD.

8 thoughts on “Beer Machine”

  1. The beer machine is awesome, mine came in the mail today. The beer is suposedly about 7% alcohol after only 10 days. It has some simple assembly. But the sweetest thing is that I’m only 19 and got this baby stress free and Im brewin my own beer, can’t buy beer, but i sure can brew it!

  2. My beer machine constantly leaked around the seal. The company did send me a new seal and clamps which worked exactly one time. After that, the machine started leaking again. There is not enough compression around the seal and this is a design flaw IMHO.

  3. your seals werent cleaned and heat treated after your brew. you need to heat and cool for 10 mins each before reusing.

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