Forget Fake Quintet TFTs how about Eight

Quad TFTs
After being made a plonker off with our report on the Quintet TFT Display we thought it only fair to find something better and *real* to report on. Digital Tigers produce multi-screen displays ranging from the boring dual TigerVista Duo right up to the monster 8 screen zenview Atlas priced a dollar short of 5K.

6 Screen TFT
The 6 screen “Command Center” is probably my favourite and it wouldn’t look out of place at NASA, but I reckoned I’d probably get neck ache with all that screen space real estate.

So apologies for the misreport on the quintet display (though I must admit it still looks cool) , and if you want to check out pics and prices of the models shown here (and more), visit digitaltigers.

7 Screen TFT