Not your average pogo stick

Wow. Pogo sticks have come a way since I was a kid. The ones I remember were not much more than a spring in a tube. You could bounce around with them but you’d not clear more than a foot or so off the ground.

The inventors of the flybar obviously decided that wasn’t good enough. They went back to the drawing board and came up with something that can jump 5 feet high! (That’s about 1.5 meters in real money) . It’s all done without any artifical aid too – no pneumatics, electrics or other tricks.

Then I saw the small print. I thought that this 5 foot potential would only be good for anorexic teenagers – but apparently not. The top limit is 250lbs which would even handle me (just about). The thought of 250lbs crashing down out of control from 5 feet up is quite a sobering one but I’d give it a go!

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