Garden speakers

Rock speaker
I’ve been to quite a few barbeques this summer and invariably the music is provided by leaving the stereo on and opening the doors to let the sound outside. Which is OK, as long as the food isn’t 100 yards away at the bottom of the garden; this tends to lead to a very loud stereo and some very annoyed neighbours!

Obviously someone else came across the same problem, and decided to do something about it by inventing some weatherproof, camouflaged speakers.

Speakercraft make a range of speakers designed for in-wall and concealed applications but the ones that cought my eye are these “rox” series. They look like… well, rocks!

What good would outdoor speakers be though if they couldn’t withstand the elements? I’ll let the website answer that one:

“The enclosure is so durable that it can withstand rain, snow, hot sun and even swimming pool acids.”

How cool! More information here and you can buy them from Smarthome in the US or HiFiBitz in the UK.

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