MP3 Sunglasses


If you are looking for that perfect gift for someone that has everything or you are seeking a new way to listen to your favorite music with a hands free device then have to look at these MP3 Sunglasses.

These MP3 sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, but will give you up to 8 ½ hours of music with rechargeable battery. They are wonderful for wearing outdoors at the beach or indoors when you wish to drown out other noises around you. You can listen to music while working in your office, working in the yard, or shopping. You will be able to drown out all the construction noises, kids crying, and any other noise that you deem annoying while you are trying to concentrate or just relaxing on the beach.

These MP3 Sunglasses allow you to very easily upload songs via the USB 2.0 connection, so you can always have your favorite songs with you no matter where you decide to go. If you are out jogging or driving and remember not jot a memo all you have to do is use the built in voice recorder to keep your message. You will not have to stop and write it down.

The features of the MP3 sunglasses include 256MB memory capacity, compatible formats include MP3, WMA, and ADPCM, the sunglass lenses are UV coated and polarized, and has 3D stereo sound.

To recharge the battery it will take around 2 hours and then you will be able to enjoy around 8 ½ hours of your own music. You will also receive a stylish storage case, the USB cable, an A/C adapter, the software needed and even the manual in case you need instructions.

You can purchase these awesome MP3 sunglasses on line for around $200 and give someone a gift of music while protecting their eyes as well.

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  1. I bought a 4 GB one from Ebay. It came with a pissy manual that tells you how to charge the battery but does not tell you anything about the functions of the three buttons on it. I tried to figure it out by trial and error but gave up after a few minutes. The gadget will be collecting dust until I have some free time for it.

  2. Hello I wonder if you can help- my husband received these as a gift but has no usb connector or recharger. The glasess have no markings so I cannot ascertain exactly where they are from but the usb port is like the old nokia recharger ie thickish pin and the recharger has no port unless it is done via the usb port. Are they the same glasses- they certainly look like it. If so can I purchase the equipment to make it work (maybe the disk for the computer too) Thank you

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