Digital Picture Frames

Over the past 5 years digital cameras have been gaining popularity amongst photography enthusiasts and everyday Joe’s alike. So it is no wonder that digital picture frames have now slowly began to catch on.Photo of the segway

With a digital photo frame, you are able to have a number of images available with easy to use flash cards. You can have the images scrolling, or just have your favorite picture set. The frames also provide many other exciting features such as the possibility of internet connection. Imagine checking the weather or your email via your picture frame? (Ok that doesn’t sound too exciting, but you get the point).

Depending on which company and model you choose, some digital frames will run on batteries while others need to be plugged in to an outlet on your wall

Though the technology is relatively new, it is believed that soon you will be able to purchase much larger frames. Currently most are 5 x 7 inches or smaller and display images in 640 x 480 or smaller. It is also important to note that frame size is usually bigger than the actual image size.

So if you want an easy way to show your favorite digital images to friends and family and can’t always carry around you PC, a digital picture frame might be exactly what you need.