Booq delivers photography-oriented Python catch bag

by Edwin - on May 22, 2015

The folks over at booq are certainly a creative team, especially since their bunch of designers have come up with their fair share of fashionably functional bags and carrying cases in the past – and continue to do so, too, targeting creatives. In fact, their most recent addition to the world of photography would be the photography-oriented Python collection, which is simply known as the Python catch. The Python catch bag happens to feature some rather unconventional design such as rugged, sustainable material, customizable organization and more than adequate space to stash in not one – but two DSLR cameras, up to a quartet of lenses and a MacBook Pro Retina, now how about that? Certainly this is a stash bag that you would do well to protect all the more especially when you are traveling, considering the massive amount of memories and gear in holds.

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Star Wars Lightsaber Dive Sticks ensures the Force is with you wherever you are

by Edwin - on May 22, 2015

lightsaber_dive_sticksIf there ever was a coolest hand-to-hand weapon in the realm of science fiction and all things imaginary, you cannot get any cooler than the lightsaber. If a Star Trek phaser were to be shot in the direction of a proficient lightsaber exponent, chances are the blasts will be deflected back in no time, and disabling or even killing the blaster wielder instead. Well, there has been many different lightsaber replicas in the past, but this one offers a more creative take to the situation – it is actually a set of two Lightsaber Dive Sticks, retailing for $14.99 per set.

Sporting water-activated light-up action, you will be able to see it light up in green for Yoda as well as blue for Luke Skywalker, not to mention sporting character-specific hilts. Definitely a fun tool to have if you would want to help that little Padawan of yours start to learn how to swim, as you throw this toy into the pool and your little one goes after it as it sinks to the bottom slowly but surely. Best to use these at night, I am sure. Do bear in mind that the use of this Lightsaber Dive Stick should always be monitored by an adult. The thing is, once the button cell batteries are out, you cannot replace them – for safety reasons, of course.

Dueling Disc Battle – its like Tron, but minus the fancy effects

by Edwin - on May 22, 2015

dueling-discWhen was the last time that you engaged in a little bit of frisbee fun outdoors? Perhaps it has been way too long, and you also realized that it is about time you got up to get that body (with its joints) moving again. While you are unable to locate your favorite frisbee in and around the home, maybe getting something new and different might do the trick. The $79.95 Dueling Disc Battle does sound like a fun addition to any summer games or activities, and it might even make you feel as though you were in the world of Tron, save for the special and fancy effects.

The Dueling Disc Battle is a portable outdoor game that takes less than one minute to set up, and yet it is capable of challenging picnickers as well as tailgaters to a duel through a game of flying disc. You can set it up in double quick time across various surfaces, whether it is on a pavement, on grass, or even sand, as the lightweight game will comprise of a plastic disc and a pair of safe plastic bottles which will rest atop two weighted metal stands. Players, who happen to play one on one or in teams of two, will pick up points by toppling their opponent’s bottle with a toss of the disc, or should your opponent fail to catch a spinning disc or knocked bottle. It is a truly weatherproof set that can stand up to years of battles and spills of food or drink, and each purchase will also boast of an organized carrying case for easy transportation.

The ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Keyboard is a thing of beauty

by Caitlyn - on May 21, 2015

Roccat Ryos MK Pro

Not too long ago, ROCCAT wasn’t a name many had heard of in the states, but they certainly brought their game faces to the table. They’ve had some pretty awesome peripherals for gamers to geek out over, and never stop making more things for us to want. While we’ve known for a while that the Ryos series was coming to town, we haven’t taken a good look into what they can do.

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The Helium Levitate speaker – magnets, how do they work?

by Caitlyn - on May 21, 2015

The Helium Levitate Speaker

Levitating speakers are not new to us, but that doesn’t make them any less cool. As it is with all gadgets we see on here, there are a variety of similar products that change slightly in usage. This makes it possible for several companies to churn out basically the same thing at a lower or higher price based on their build and functionality. When you see something cool like a speaker that is held up by magnets, you can be sure many more like it will follow shortly.

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Gladiator Glass offers superb protection for your iPhone 6’s display

by Edwin - on May 21, 2015

gladiator-glassGetting a new smartphone is one thing – to keep it protected from the rigors of everyday life is another. I suppose you can say that all iPhone 6 owners are extremely proud of their handsets, but the thing is, one can easily let the spanking new smartphone slip through one’s hands, and this spells nothing but disaster for sure! Apart from having the beautifully crafted chassis chip and getting scratched upon impact, the more devastating damage would be one that happens to the screen – especially when it cracks. Hence, a protective case for a smartphone can be said to be a necessary evil – and Kyasi, an emerging manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, intends to stop such heartbreaks with the Gladiator Glass collection.

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Satechi Aluminum HDD Docking Station looks good, works great

by Edwin - on May 21, 2015

Satechi-Aluminum-HDD-Docking-StationSatechi is famous for its collection of accessories in and around the office, where these accessories happen to be space saving, and more often than not maintain a level of quality that is more than decent. This time around, the folks over at Satechi have announced the availability of its Aluminum SATA III HDD Docking Station. The convenient dock will include a trio of different inputs for added productivity regardless of the workspace.

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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Enterprise-A Ship couldn’t get any more real

by Edwin - on May 21, 2015

star-trek-ashipStar Trek fans, you know for yourself how vast the lore of Star Trek is – even the name of all the starships alone is a big ask if one were to memorize all of it, let alone the different timelines and people who are involved in the ship’s life. Well, if you are someone who is simple enough to enjoy the basic pleasures of life without wanting to complicate anything, then the $64.99 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Enterprise-A Ship would make for an extremely suitable purchase.

This is an officially licensed USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A Electronic Starship that is guaranteed to light up the face of the recipient who is a genuine Star Trek fan – simply because it comes with its fair share of light-up engines, bridge, and weapons, not to mention sound effects, which means your imagination would be the one that is required to figure out just where the NCC-1701-A is headed off to next, and which particular yet undiscovered alien race is the crew going to come into contact with. With authentic sound effects (16 quote soundbytes from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (including dialog from Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura) + phasers, photons, impulse engines, warp drive, transporter, and alert sounds), light-up engines, bridge, and weapons, you would be able to work those 3 AAA batteries real hard. It might not fly like this USS Enterprise Flying Sports Disc, but it’d make for a fantastic piece of desk deco.

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