Urbanears Jakan magnetic earbuds work like magic

by Edwin - on April 24, 2018

Urbanears is a name that one would associate with high quality audio products, and they certainly live up to their reputation based on the products and devices that they introduced in the past. This time around, Urbanears will not concentrate on speakers, but rather, will look into the area of portable audio with the launch of Jakan. Jakan is a pair of magnetic earbuds that offer users a free and easy listening experience, accompanied by a mini­malistic design. It is perfect for listening to music as well as answering calls while one is on the move. In fact, the Jakan will come with an adjustable, ergonomic fit, intuitive control knob as well as built-in magnetic plates that enables around-the-neck wear.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story Symmetry series cases now out

by Edwin - on April 23, 2018

Solo-otterboxThere is always going to be plenty of hype when it comes to anything that has to do with Star Wars. Han Solo, the handsome rogue of a smuggler who ended up falling in love with Princess Leia and fathering Ben Solo a.k.a. Kylo Ren, is going to get his very own backstory in Solo: A Star Wars Story. This is going to be a surefire box office hit, so why not ride on the potential success of the movie by having it tie in with merchandise for a smartphone? Otterbox, a name that has long been associated with quality protective products for smartphones and other tough accessories, will be rolling out the all new Solo: A Star Wars Story Symmetry Series cases that will provide protection for the latest Apple and Samsung devices.

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MSI Vortex W25 carries plenty of innovations

by Edwin - on April 22, 2018

msi-vortex-w25When it comes to laptops, there are basically three different categories from which one is able to pick from: the regular laptop, the gaming laptop, and the workstation range. MSI has a hand in all three genres, and this time around, the company has worked on improving its workstation range through the introduction of the Vortex W25. In fact, MSI’s Vortex W25 lays claim to being the world’s first 2.5L desktop that is powered by NVIDIA’s Quadro P5200 GPU.

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BeActiv E300 wireless earphones

by Edwin - on April 20, 2018

beactiv-e300Everyone likes to live as efficiently as possible, and we humans are always on the lookout on the next big thing when it comes to being a more efficient lifestyle. Many of our appliances are already energy efficient, and so are our vehicles, so why not make sure we do not end up in a tangled mess while listening to our favorite music? This means cutting away all cords and wires, and Beem United’s BeActiv E300 wireless earphones will fit the bill perfectly with its $99 price tag. Of course, the BeActiv E300 was not developed for noise cancellation during long flights or travel, but rather, it is a pair of wireless earphones which fall under the fitness category.

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Casio WSD-F20A outdoor smart watch

by Edwin - on April 19, 2018

Casio-pro-trek-WatchWhen it comes to watches, Casio is one of the hugely popular brand names out there. After all, Casio timepieces have always been known to be reliable in nature, and the G-Shock series which is now more than three decades old, continues to win fans over with its robustness and ability to be extremely tough. This time around, we will take a closer look at the latest addition to the PRO TREK series of outdoor watches, arriving in the form of the Casio WSD-F20A. Out later this May, the Casio WSD-F20A is said to deliver the hallmark features that outdoor enthusiasts have come to know and love, all without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

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Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater is the perfect portable entertainment device

by Edwin - on April 18, 2018

royole-moonGetting entertained while you are on the go is something that many of us take for granted today with our smartphones, as we keep ourselves occupied through games and movies, or perhaps having non-stop chats with friends over social media. Well, there is another way to be happily oblivious to the real world around after stepping into a virtual reality world through a virtual reality headset like the HTC Vive. Royole Corporation figured out that another method of doing so would be through their award-winning Moon 3D Mobile Theater.

Airwheel SR3 suitcase will follow you wherever you go

by Edwin - on April 17, 2018

Airwheel_SR3Have you ever lost your suitcase before among a sea of passengers or people when you travel? After all, there are only so many different kinds of designs in which luggages come in, and many a time we would have had to tie a bright colored string around ours in order to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. Perhaps it is time to ditch such thinking and do less heavy lifting upon arrival at the airport through the introduction of the Airwheel SR3 smart robot suitcase.

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Tivoli Audio reveals limited edition Bluetooth speakers for the summer

by Edwin - on April 16, 2018

tivoli-audio-pal-btWhen it comes to audio products, especially portable Bluetooth speakers, there are many different kinds of models to choose from, so much so that it could end up as an extremely complicated choice. Tivoli Audio has had experience rolling out quality Bluetooth-powered devices in the past, among them include the PAL BT Go illuminated portable radio. This time around, there is the limited edition DAB portable radio and Bluetooth speaker known as the PAL+BT. This is a re-engineered and award winning piece of consumer technology, ready to swing into action this summer in Lucite Green, Deep Ocean Teal, and Anise Flower colors.

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