Heated Lotion Dispenser keeps hands clean and warm

by Edwin - on April 17, 2014

We humans operate best at an optimal temperature, too cold and it would be inefficient for us to walk around all wrapped up like a puffed up mummy, too hot and the sweltering heat would just about sap one’s energy away before doing anything in the first place. Going to the washroom is something that most of us do every single day, and after we’re done with our business, it is time to wash them hands. During the winter, your hands might get cold very fast, which is why the $39.99 Heated Lotion Dispenser does its bit to help by making your hand lotion warm, soothing your digits as you spread the lotion all over.

The Heated Lotion Dispenser is a snap to use – all that you need to do is fill up the 16 oz. reservoir with your favorite hand lotion or body lotion, where the coil heat design will ensure that the lotion inside will warm up (without spoiling or altering its chemical make up) in a matter of two minutes thereabouts. Of course, it will need to be plugged in in order to work, and there is an LED power indicator light to inform you that it is turned on, alongside a 5′ cord with an on/off switch.

Flea Killing Pet Comb gets rid of them critters

by Edwin - on April 17, 2014

flea-killing-pet-combWhen you happen to have a dog, it is imperative that one be a responsible pet owner and give that dog what it deserves – a number of square meals each day depending on its age, breed and activity level, daily walks and exercise, some play time, as well as the customary visit to the vet for all of its shots, not to mention getting a bath from time to time to make sure that it remains nice and clean. Ah yes, keeping it free from fleas and ticks, too, is something that some folks overlook. Combing your dog’s coat each day will not only ensure it does not end up in a tangled mess, especially for those long haired breeds, it also helps you bond with your pooch and weed out nasty ticks and fleas (with the right comb, of course). Why not go the extra mile and get the $39.95 Flea Killing Pet Comb instead?

This is a cordless device that will emit a low voltage whenever it is combed through a pet’s coat, helping kill fleas on contact. I do wonder whether we will hear those nasty zapping sounds whenever an electrified fly swatter is used to zap mosquitoes and the like, but chances are the voltage is too small to emit such a loud sound. The Flea Killing Pet Comb has been certified to be used safely on cats and dogs regardless of their age and size. I like the fact that this can zap fleas without having to rely on chemicals that could result in an allergic reaction. All fleas will be trapped on the comb for easy disposal afterwards when you clean it, and do keep a pair of AA batteries around handy as a backup.

Accidentally Extraordinary looks to Kickstarter to roll out the AE 51st Studios Unplugged headphones

by Edwin - on April 17, 2014

51st-studiosNot all headphones are created equal, and you can tell by referring to Accidentally Extraordinary, the headphone startup that is the main driving force behind the highly-rated 51st Studios over-ear walnut headphones. Well, they have decided to turn to Kickstarter in order to raise funds for the manufacturing and roll out of their first ever production wood headphones that will boast of Bluetooth connectivity, calling it the AE 51st Studios Unplugged.

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The Spinpod will let you take perfectly stitched panoramas

by Caitlyn - on April 16, 2014

Photography gives you the ability to show other people how you see the world. It can literally be anything you want it to be (though I think we’re all ok with not seeing a constant stream of selfies and food). Seeing that smartphones have pretty decent cameras now, it comes as no surprise that there are a myriad of accessories that you can buy to create something that is more than just a picture that was snapped on the go.

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The Dart won’t let chunky laptop chargers weigh you down

by Caitlyn - on April 16, 2014

New laptops seem to be coming out every week. They’re thinner, sleeker, and say they can do more than any other version out there. The biggest drawback with these things is having to use a charging cable that is attached to a big block of an adapter. They’re a nuisance to wrap after unplugging, so they often end up a tangled mess that only adds weight to your bag.

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Brinno Digital Peephole Viewer – Knock, Knock?

by Julie - on April 16, 2014


I’ve taught my daughter the same thing we all learned as kids, NEVER open the door, unless you’re absolutely sure who it is on the other side. Yes, we have little peepholes on our hotel room doors and at our homes… but now even they are a risk. Reverse peephole viewers allow those so inclined, to look right into your private space, and even photograph you without your knowledge. I’m not liking that.

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Quoridor Pocket Maze-Forming Travel Game helps you exercise your brain on the move

by Edwin - on April 16, 2014

quoridorI know that we are a society that is obsessed with mobile devices these days, and Generation Z grew up in a digital environment, so much so that anything analog is looked upon in disdain, as they wonder how we, their parents, were able to live with knobs, dials, and the idea of sending snail mail to one another across time. Still, there are some things that digital cannot beat – such as reading a newspaper or a book which do not require any batteries, not to mention the fact that newspaper can be used for many other functions once you’re done reading it. Well, games on mobile devices have exploded too, but it might be good if one enjoys something old school while on the move, such as the $19.99 Quoridor Pocket Maze-Forming Travel Game.

The Quoridor Pocket Maze-Forming Travel Game will basically require you to get from one side of the maze to the other, without bumping into any of the walls, of course. It is somewhat like the Light Cycles game in Tron, where this easily portable travel game will sport integrated drawers in the board itself so that you can stash away all of the parts without having a piece go missing by accident. The average play time is 15 minutes, and best of all is, there is no need for batteries to recharge since it doesn’t use any in the first place!

Best Waffle Maker quells those hunger pangs

by Edwin - on April 16, 2014

wafflemakerHammacher has certified yet another device and deemed it to be fit enough to carry the “The Best” prefix, and this time around it would be the $249.95 Best Waffle Maker. What makes this particular home appliance deserve such a title, and why does it cost so much? As you know how the saying goes – pay peanuts and you end up with monkeys. The Best Waffle Maker is no monkey business, this I can assure you, as it has consistently produced perfectly cooked waffles and was easy to use. This chef’s-grade appliance sports dual grid surfaces within its rotating clamshell, allowing one to bake a couple of 7.5″ diameter Belgian waffles simultaneously.

With the Best Waffle Maker, you will be able to keep the hunger pangs of your family at bay, and in tests, both waffles came out evenly baked. This translates to a golden and crispy texture on the outside, and yet remaining nice and moist right down in the middle, all without having to carry any burnt or raw spots that are found in the waffles which were made using lesser models. Apart from that, the nonstick plates also make it a snap to remove cooked waffles, while its handles remained cool to the touch so that you do not end up burning yourself by accident. The Best Waffle Maker would let you know when it is preheating, ready for batter, and when the waffles are ready.

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