AOC makes good use of your USB port with Full HD USB Monitor

by Edwin - on October 8, 2015

When it comes to using notebooks, most folks pick one up for a very simple reason – they absolutely love the ability to work while one is on the move, without having to worry about lugging around an entire workstation. Of course, there are varying degrees of sizes where notebooks are concerned – some are larger than the rest, while others which are slimmer might not be all that jam packed with features. One thing’s for sure – no matter how powerful a notebook is underneath the hood, you will always be limited by a lack of viewing space – which is what AOC intends to change by offering their brand new AOC 16” HD Pro USB Monitor, otherwise known as the E1659FWUX-PRO by its model number.

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DJControl Glow adds style to your substance

by Edwin - on October 8, 2015

djcontrol-glowSo, when you grow up you want to be a DJ – or your child would want to be one, especially after he or she sees that DJs tend to get the best treatments when they make it big, traveling around like superstars, being invited to the biggest gigs in town, staying at fancy hotel suites, and having a virtually unlimited amount of booze to be inspired by whenever you run a gig. I suppose that is the glamorous bit of it – what happens when you are just starting out? Nobody is going to roll out the red carpet for you, that’s for sure, and you would need to work hard to make a name for yourself. Let’s say that you already have the substance to be on the path to success as a DJ (musically speaking, of course) – now it is time to ramp that up with some style, and Hercules has stepped in by announcing the DJControl Glow.

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Iron Man Mini Fridge brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘cool’

by Edwin - on October 8, 2015

iron-man-mini-fridgeA fridge is something that just about every single one of us would make use of in order to ensure that whatever we would like to have it remain nice and cool, will be so after placing that particular food or drink item within. The thing is, fridge designs, especially the small square-sized ones, tend to feature a rather drab design – all square without much “punch” to it. Not so with this $79.99 Iron Man Mini Fridge though – it might be tiny in its size, but it is big on appeal.

While it might not be able to carry an arsenal of weapons, or is impervious to knocks and drops, there is one thing that the Iron Man Mini Fridge is guaranteed to be able to do – it will help you make peace with another family member or friend whom you had a tiff with and is a huge Iron Man fan when you give this to him or her. Perfect for keeping both champagne cold and sake warm, this 3D molded Iron Man with light-up eyes has enough space to hold up to a 6-pack of whatever you’re drinking. Sports a warming function as well if you would like to heat up your food.

The Buckley Fire Straps keep you safe and stylish

by Caitlyn - on October 8, 2015

Buckley Fire Starter Straps

You really never know when a disaster is going to strike. No one walks out their front door thinking they’ll be swept off their feet and go onto an adventure, but it does happen, and you have to be as ready as you can. While we don’t want to look like we’re expecting the end of the world, we do want to be prepared for whatever life can throw at us.

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These Paint Retouching Pens make sure redecorating is done right

by Caitlyn - on October 8, 2015

Paint retouching Pens

When you don’t want to pay exorbitant amounts of money to someone else to do a job for you, you do it yourself. This can be difficult tasks like moving a piano, or smaller things like painting a room in your home. It’s easy to tell when something has been done by a professional or not, but if you want to do it on your own you want to at least make sure it looks like you did slightly more than a passable job.

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Scosche caters to the outdoor loving folks with new mobile accessories

by Edwin - on October 7, 2015

scosche-boombottleAh, fall. This is one of the seasons where going outdoors can be quite fun as well, although you know that outdoor lovers will tell you that any time of the year is a good time to be outdoors. Still, you would want to be reasonably well equipped to meet whatever challenges that there are ahead, and in this day and age, you would need more than just a simple tent to keep you company – which is why making sure your gadgets and gizmos are locked and loaded is pretty important. Scosche knows this, which is why they have introduced their Realtree Xtra products collection, being a collaboration with Realtree, the world’s leading camouflage designer.

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Satechi unveils new USB Light Strip

by Edwin - on October 7, 2015

satechi-led-light-stripIt looks like the folks over at Satechi are pretty fly when it comes to various kinds of accessories for the desktop computer as well as notebooks, and they do not seem to run out of ideas anytime soon, too. Having said that, it must be noted that Satechi themselves have revealed a spanking new USB Light Strip for this coming holiday season, where you will then end up with a slew of colorful customization options – regardless of whether it is in your living room, in gaming spaces, or for the festive holiday period.

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Ghostbusters Floating Slimer still won’t harm you

by Edwin - on October 7, 2015

floating-slimerRemember the Ghostbusters? Well, that was one zany bunch of characters from the 1980s, and the kind of uniforms which the team wore – urgh! Surely they will need a fashion consultant, but at the very least these were the kind of ghostbusters that the ghosts themselves love – since the team only busts them naughty ghosts, leaving the good ones alone. Heck, if you’re as lucky as Slimer, you would even get adopted into the family, now how about that? The $59.99 Ghostbusters Floating Slimer would make for an interesting piece of decoration in your home this coming Halloween though.

The Ghostbusters Floating Slimer will boast of eyes that actually light up, and it glows in the dark, too! Apart from that, why not go the whole nine yards and play the theme song as well? The only thing it cannot do is to float through walls, now if that happens with your purchase, perhaps it is time to call an actual team of paranormal activity folks, and keep all of your food away from its sight! Powered by a trio of AA batteries, thankfully there is an On/Off switch to preserve energy – and your sanity, too.

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