Kinivo M2 Bluetooth 2.1 wireless speaker frees you up

by Edwin - on April 18, 2015

Going the wireless route is the way of the future, especially when there are no pesky wires or cables for you to worry about. Not only that, there will not be any more time spent looking for generations of dust bunnies who would have set up a very nice family reunion all over the cables located behind the cabinet or console. Well, there are various wireless/Bluetooth speakers to choose from in the market, but why not get something that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing? This is where the Kinivo M2 Bluetooth 2.1 wireless speaker comes in, where the asking price is at an extremely affordable $60, and yet it packs in quite the performance.

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Blizzard Diablo Goblin Bank with Sound

by Edwin - on April 18, 2015

diablo-goblin-bank-soundAre you still all abuzz with Blizzard’s Diablo franchise, so much so that you are unable to get enough of it? Do you eat, sleep and dream about Diablo, and all that goes on in the game? Well, if you would like to add at least one more Diablo item into your collection, then you might want to consider this $29.99 Blizzard Diablo Goblin Bank with Sound. This is a unique coin bank, since the goblin here is more than happy to take your coins, and each coin picked up will see the goblin cackle with glee. Hey, I’d also do the same if folks were to drop money into my wallet.

The Blizzard Diablo Goblin Bank with Sound is a ThinkGeek creation & exclusive, and goblins are not immune to the clarion call of mammon, too. At least you do not need to have any kind of high level character in order to disarm this laughing goblin of his treasure, since all that is required is to pick him up, and remove the “door” located right at the bottom. Easy as ABC, really. A trio of AAA batteries are required to power this bad boy, and best of all is, the money saved using the Blizzard Diablo Goblin Bank with Sound would be perfect for you to pick up other Diablo paranarphelia.

The SURVCO Tactical Credit Card – an old-fashioned EDC tool for modern users

by Caitlyn - on April 17, 2015

SURVCO Tactical Credit Card

There are fewer and fewer people who are acquainted with old-fashioned manual labor. That’s not to say that they won’t do it, but it certainly seems like a chore for those who never have their tools out, to have to get out an entire box of every tool they own just to take care of one or two smaller tasks. This is where having an EDC tool could come in handy, which is essentially a multi-tool that is useful for everyday situations.

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The Stealth Suitcase has retractable wheels for the avid traveler

by Caitlyn - on April 17, 2015

Heys Retractable Wheels Suitcase

For most people, traveling by plane is a rare occurrence that may only happen 3 or 4 times in a year. However, others have jobs that require them to pop all over the US, or all over the world on a regular basis. That sort of lifestyle can be very taxing, as you have a weird sense of what home is as your necessities are usually packed neatly away and near by. You also have to pay more attention to the quality of your suitcase, as it will go through in a year what most suitcases deal with in a decade.

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Antec 5-Port USB Charging Station delivers convenience sans the high price

by Edwin - on April 17, 2015

antec-5-portMany devices these days are charged up using a USB connection, and the convenience of it all cannot be overstated. In fact, the more USB ports there are on your computer, the better. The thing is, some of us happen to purchase machines that have just a couple of USB ports at most due to aesthetic reasons, and to tote around a USB hub is a necessary evil, so to speak. Why not take a slightly different route and go the whole nine yards with the $39.99 Antec 5-Port USB Charging Station?

The Antec 5-Port USB Charging Station, as its name suggests, will be able to charge up to 5 devices simultaneously – and this means you can juice up multiple tablets at high speed, thanks to a total output of 7.8A, now how about that? Delivering 39 watts of power that will be divided between all your devices and across 5 USB ports, you can even throw in various configurations like a pair of tablets and 3 phones, 5 phones all at once, or even three tablets and a single phone.

Big Top Calliope makes you feel like a kid again

by Edwin - on April 17, 2015

big-top-calliopeWhen you think about a big top or a calliope, chances are pretty high that the mental image that you have would be “the circus is in town”. Well, when we take a look at the Big Top Calliope over here, it certainly evokes such a feeling, although this will not come with its fair share of clowns or acrobats that perform gravity defying feats, swinging from one trapeze to another. Rather, the Big Top Calliope happens to be a bandwagon calliope that was inspired by the mid-19th century musical wagons which back then, heralded the arrival of the circus.

It will remain faithful to the original, where this model’s side-mounted 38 brass organ pipes and front-mounted accordion will make use of forced air in order to produce their classic tones. To keep up with the times, the vacuum created by the on-board air compressor will play the pneumatically operated bass drum and percussion instruments, and it will feature a snare drum, cymbal, triangle, two 12-note glockenspiels, two woodblocks, and a tambourine. There is also a bass synthesizer that delivers a tuba sound. In concert, while the bandwagon replicates the whimsical tooting, clashing, and sparkle of the past by playing 25 classic march tunes, among them include Alexander’s Ragtime Band, Ain’t We Got Fun, and A Tribute To Uncle Sam thanks to a built-in microprocessor.

Jorno Keyboard enhances your road warrior image

by Edwin - on April 17, 2015

jorno-keyboardThe modern day road warrior normally comes equipped with the following – a smartphone that resides on the high end or flagship side of things, a smartwatch so that you need not take out the smartphone from your pocket any more as well as to enjoy micro-managing your email, a tablet that lets you have a larger display on the move, an Ultrabook or MacBook Air just in case more heavy duty computing tasks are required, the quintessential power bank to power those battery hungry devices when they run out of juice unexpectedly, and – why not add the Jorno Keyboard to the list?

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Ecoxgear reveals EcoPebble portable speaker

by Edwin - on April 17, 2015

ecoxgearMother had always told me not to judge a book by its cover, and for good reason, too. After all, you can never quite tell just how good the tome is going to be until you actually open it up and read it. Having said that, the very same principle can be applied when it comes to gadgets as well, and speakers in particular. Normally, we would think that the larger the speaker, the more powerful it would be, right? Actually, it does not work that way any more these days, thanks to the wonders of miniaturization. With the EcoPebble portable speaker from Ecoxgear, this is touted to be the smallest speaker released by the company to date.

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