The S.U.R.F.r Wireless Multimedia and Game Controller – control all the things!

by Caitlyn - on March 5, 2015

We really do love the idea of a universal remote, but just when you think you find one that might be up to snuff with your standards, something better comes along. That’s just the nature of technology really, but we can’t help but try and keep up with current trends. While the idea of a universal remote is quite swell, it all comes down to whether or not it can control the things you actually care about. If you are addicted to social media, gaming, and watching TV through online sources, then you’ll want something that can accommodate.

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The Fujifilm Instax 210 – Polaroids are a thing of the past, right?

by Caitlyn - on March 5, 2015

FujiFilm Instax 210

We are a culture that loves taking photos of ourselves and immediately looking at them. Some have argued over whether or not selfies are the pinnacle of vanity, but others say that it’s rather mild compared to having someone come into your home and paint you in a positive light surrounded by your belongings for massive amounts of money. You know, like they did in the old days.

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Cloquarium does more than just tell the time

by Edwin - on March 5, 2015

cloquariumDon’t you just love convergence devices, where you will be able to gain access to a variety of functions, albeit all on a single piece of electronics? No longer do you need to tote around a GPS navigation device, a portable media player, a voice recorder and a mobile phone in this day and age, even a mid-range smartphone will do. Well, how about the clock in the house then? Introduce something special and different with the $49.95 Cloquarium, where by the name alone, you would be able to make an educated guess as to what is in store.

The Cloquarium happens to be a unique clock which will provide lovers of aquatic life a Betta way to track the passing of time. Right at the front of the clock would be a 1.2-gallon freshwater tank, which happens to be a low-maintenance, non-aerated environment that is perfect for a Betta, where it will also feature billowing fins and distinctive colors that stand out as it swims across the white clock face. There is an opening above the numeral 12 which paves the way for easy filling and feeding, while shatter-resistant plastic forms a watertight seal which will separate the tank from the clock’s analog hands and precise quartz movement. Even when it is fully filled with water, the aquarium clock will weigh a mere 11 lbs., and it can be easily supported using the included wall-mounting hardware. The clock will run on a single AA battery.

Waterproof Lock with 3 Keys – who cares if it rains?

by Edwin - on March 5, 2015

waterproof-lockLocks have become so sophisticated in this day and age, so much so that we have since moved on to biometric locks that will allow you to lock – or unlock, a smartphone, or perhaps the front door to your home, or in the movies – especially the spy ones – a safe, or the reveal of a secret door. Having said that, there is still a huge market when it comes to traditional locks, and just in case you thought that there is no way to reinvent the padlock, think again. The $11.99 Waterproof Lock would definitely challenge the way you think.

In fact, the Waterproof Lock, accompanied by a trio of keys, will have the ability to withstand even extreme weather without missing a beat. It arrives in the form factor of a rugged steel lock that is totally encased in durable rubber, making sure that it is capable of locking out snow, sleet, rain, and dirt. There is also a special cover that will add further protection to the keyhole just in case all of the above mentioned are not enough, making it perfect when it comes to securing anything that is exposed to outdoor weather. Perhaps the door to your barn would do well to have this adorn it, right?

The Heated Fleece Travel Blanket makes long trips pass like a dream

by Caitlyn - on March 4, 2015

Heated Fleece Travel Blanket

Having to drive a long distance for a trip in the winter is painful. This statement holds true for the driver and passengers alike. While the driver at least has the road to keep them busy, those just sitting around in the passenger seat or back of the car have to entertain themselves. This is especially the case if there isn’t a working music or video player in the car. There are some of us that don’t even have a cassette player to work with, get motion sickness from reading books and looking at smartphones alike, and can’t turn on the heat lest the driver starts to get sleepy.

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The Grifta Gamepad – divide and conquer

by Caitlyn - on March 4, 2015


Grifta Modular Gamepad

Our daily lives are a bit repetitive, but we can’t honestly say we know what’s going to happen when we wake up tomorrow. Things always pop up spontaneously, and change what we’re doing. For those that love to game at every interval of the day, you have to change how you play from place to place, as you can’t lug your PC or console around with you, but don’t want to strain your hands and neck playing mobile games all the time.

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Selfie Remote kisses goodbye to the selfie stick

by Edwin - on March 4, 2015

selfie-remoteI am quite sure that many of us are familiar with the selfie stick these days, especially when we go to crowded tourist spots, and everyone would want to have their face in the picture with the object of their focus behind. Of course, it might be a whole lot easier to ask someone else to take your photo for a far better looking image, but then again, this would mean running the risk of having your handset being stolen, especially if you are in an unfamiliar territory. Well, when it comes to less crowded places, you might want to consider the £14.95 Selfie Stick.

The Selfie Stick would allow you to carry out a photo revolution, where you are then able to snap group shots with yourself in the frame, now how about that? Perfect your macro photography skills along the way as well by triggering the shutter, all without having to go through the trouble of touching the screen. You will first need to download the free app from the App Store, where upon installation, it will then automatically sync to your Selfie Remote. Once you are ready to capture an image, press the button on the remote control and activate your shutter, and voila! It will work even from a distance of up to 3 meters! Not the first selfie remote, and it definitely is not going to be the last!

Om/One Levitating Speaker – there’s magic in the air

by Edwin - on March 4, 2015

om-one-levitating-speakerHave you ever watched the movie X-Men, wishing that you had the persuasive powers of Magneto? Yes, he is certainly an alpha level mutant with the ability to coax metal or ferrous material in whatever form, and even fly through air while riding on the earth’s magnetic field. Having said that, you might not be born a mutant with fantastic mutant powers, but this does not mean you are unable to introduce something “magical” to your desk – with the $199.99 Om/One Levitating Speaker, of course. Needless to say, this is touted to be the world’s first levitating wireless speaker as the speaker hovers 0.8” above the base.

Not only that, the Om/One Levitating Speaker will play nice with Bluetooth 4.0 devices, as you can use it to evoke a sense of wonder from those who have not seen anything like it before. This is one of those few moments where you are able to defy gravity without it being an April Fool’s prank. After all, since majority of the speakers out there already do have large magnets, so why not take advantage of an existing situation by using them to deliver a wee bit of wow factor? Sporting 33 feet of wireless range, accompanied by a 75mm audio driver, a 3 watt RMS amplifier, and output of up to 110db not to mention an integrated microphone for phone calls. To add on to the futuristic form factor, there is an on/off touch sensor.

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