Cronzy Pen delivers more than 16 million colors

by Edwin - on August 24, 2016

Not all pens are created equal, that is for sure. For instance, we have the cheap and reliable ball point pens that one can simply purchase from any supermarket or store, while there are high end pens for you to write down that million dollar cheque or sign an important document which can be classified as a form of luxury item, such as rare Mont Blancs and the like. Of course, we should also not discount the fact that there are smart pens running around in the market, too. Well, the Cronzy Pen is something that is totally different, as it intends to deliver a world of infinite color possibilities as it is capable of writing in more than 16 million colors, now how about that?

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Jetson UL-Certified V6 Hoverboard is a exclusive

by Edwin - on August 24, 2016

jetson-v6Moving along and getting around without having to walk sounds like a novel idea, but it is absolutely crucial for those who are disabled. For those who feel like they would like to usher in a world of science fiction from the future right now, you might want to check out what has in store with the Jetson UL-Certified V6 Hoverboard. This is an exclusive purchase from, where it has UL Standard 2272 compliance that ensures how this particular Jetson V6 hoverboard will be flame-resistant and safe when it comes to personal use.

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Super Retro Gamer 4-port USB hub rolls back the years

by Edwin - on August 24, 2016

usb-4-port-hubToday’s world of video games is certainly a very different one from what we have experienced in the past. The leap in technological sophistication was a whole lot less back then — from 8-bit to 16-bit, the transition proved to be revolutionary, especially where the SNES or Super Famicom is concerned, delivering Mode 7 graphics and additional buttons on the controller for more options. Well, if you would like to relive your far younger gaming days, the $12.99 Super Retro Gamer 4-port USB hub might be just the deal.

This is one USB hub that will definitely bring a smile to your face no matter how stressed up you are at work, as you plug in a hard drive or a mouse or some other USB peripheral into it. It is a snap to use, is a no-brainer purchase decision for any serious Nintendo fans, and there is absolutely no need for any kind of button mashing at all. If there is one particular drawback that we can think of, it would be this — there is no USB 3.0 connectivity support here, as all four of those happen to be USB 2.0 ports.

The iPin Spatial Ruler cuts down on the effort of measuring

by Caitlyn - on August 23, 2016

iPin Spatial Ruler

Whenever you think about redecorating any aspect of your living space, you have to pull out a measuring tape to make sure that any new pieces of furniture are going to fit. The same is said for putting up a new picture or art in relation to existing pieces. If it’s not in an easy-to-access space, you’re going to be stepping on the couch, reaching as high as possible, and on occasion, trying to jump to reach the space you want to measure.

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The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset – play all day

by Caitlyn - on August 23, 2016

HyperX Cloud II

When you need to get a new headset, you want the perfect cross-section between comfort, quality, price, and durability. There are more options than your brain can feasibly comprehend on the market, but the best idea is to decide what price range you’re willing to deal with, and read as many reviews as possible. There are some brands you’re going to recognize and trust, but if it’s not quite in your budget to spend $180 or more, then know that setting your sights lower doesn’t mean you’re going to miss out.

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Wingsland S6 mini drone could be a game changer

by Edwin - on August 23, 2016

wingsland-s6Drones have more or less entered mainstream consciousness for quite some time already, and it does not look as though there is any stopping the drone fever from taking over on a large scale. In fact, there has been drones that arrived in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and the latest model to join the fray would be the Wingsland S6 mini drone. The Wingsland S6 mini drone is touted to be a game changer in the industry, as the most notable aspect of it would be the quartet of foldable motor arms in addition to its extremely thin body design.

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Powis PopUp Viewer announced

by Edwin - on August 23, 2016

powis-popup-viewrVirtual Reality (VR) is one area in the consumer electronics industry that is slowly but surely picking up steam. There are more and more gaming titles revealed for the platform, especially in the Oculus Rift ‘department’, if you may call it so, not to mention other VR viewers that intend to make their mark. The Powis PopUp Viewer is one of them, where it has been developed based on Google Cardboard technology.

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SitPack Compact Seat provides some seated relief wherever you are

by Edwin - on August 23, 2016

sitpackWhile there are many different kinds of chairs out there in the market that intend to help provide you with a better seating posture not to mention relief of pressure from your back, how many of these chairs are portable enough to be carried with you wherever you go? The £49.99 SitPack Compact Seat takes on a very, very different role in your everyday life, as it has been touted to be the world’s smallest, most compact resting device you will ever bring with you — not at least until the field of nanotechnology makes huge leaps and bounds, of course.

The SitPack Compact Seat will be able to fit in easily in your bag or (large) pocket, and using it is a snap. All that you need to do is to pop, drop and lock it to make use of it, allowing you to grab some rest whenever and wherever you desire. Not only sit back, but SitPack and relax — get it? The benefits of using SitPack include optimized breathing and circulation, being able to maintain the bones and joints in the correct alignment, helps reduce or prevent the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could result in degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, among others. It is capable of supporting up to 130 kg and is made from a bullet-proof material.

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