The .klatz smartwatch is secretly a handset

by Caitlyn - on October 21, 2014

If you keep your phone in your bag, the convenience of a smartwatch is likely very tempting. Not only do you get to wear a modern timepiece on your wrist, but you won’t miss calls because you didn’t know your phone was going off when it was out of sight. Of course, it only alerts you when you have an incoming message or call, and you’ll still have to rummage for your phone.

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The Flyshark is a portable keyboard that looks like a phablet

by Caitlyn - on October 21, 2014


When you have an ingenious idea for a written work, and only have your phone around to jot down your thoughts, it can be annoying to have to peck things out on half a screen. Not only are you unable to see all of what you’re typing, but it takes far longer to switch characters back and forth. Sometimes the extra time it takes makes you lose your train of thought, which you definitely don’t want. Having a Bluetooth keyboard around would be handy, but it’s a tad on the bulky side, as most are made to accommodate tablets.

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The New Dyson Humidifier – 99.9% Bacteria Free

by Julie - on October 21, 2014


The Fall has arrived with all its beautiful color, brisk breezes, and pumpkins. Of course, also arriving are sinus headaches, pesky static cling, dry skin, sneezing and coughing I have always known that a humidifier could help with a whole host of dry weather concerns, but how do you choose one? Steam humidifiers seem dangerous, the old cool mist units can spew bacteria, I want to feel better, not grow mold and fungus!

So check out Dyson’s new humidifier, offering up Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology. This high tech, high end, unit utilizes a 3 minute cycle in order to ensure that every drop of water that will be sent into your room via the device, will be 99.9% bacteria free, and since it uses the air multiplier technology (famous on Dyson’s fans) it can project this hygienic mist gently, and evenly throughout a 172 sq. foot room. Don’t worry about sweating windows and soggy walls either, the Dyson Humidifier actually measures humidity and temp levels and adjusts itself accordingly, to provide you with the optimal home environment.

The high tech humidistat, coupled with Dyson’s efficient water management system, ensures that your humidifier will provide you with up to 18 hours of continuous use on a single tank of water. The Dyson also has a built-in sleep timer for an automatic shut off should you need it, can function as a high velocity fan sans humidity in the summer months, and comes complete with a handy remote control. But don’t expect relief this winter, sadly, Dyson’s Humidifier won’t be headed this way until Fall of 2015, and there’s no word yet on price, but I’m guessing if you start saving up right now… you might be halfway there when the time comes. Check out for more information, or to sign up for updates.

Arch Lamp delivers light – in style, too!

by Edwin - on October 21, 2014

award-winning-arch-lampLife is full of options, and generally speaking, the more money that you have, the more options you will be able to have at your disposal. Having something that is purely functional is no longer good enough, as these days, it pays to have something that is also aesthetically pleasing. In this case, if you were to be on the lookout for a lamp that is able to light up your home, then you might want to consider picking up the $129.95 Arch Lamp from Hammacher.

The Arch Lamp happened to have picked up the gong for Interior Design’s Best of Year Honor, where the arch-shaped lamp (as its name suggests) is capable of providing soft omni-directional light. It was specially created by acclaimed industrial designer Peter Ng, where the lamp’s 28 miniature LEDs are more than capable of producing 250 glare-free lumens of light which will emanate from a seamless plastic shell that has been formed into a stylized lowercase letter “n”. Making sure that it remains within the boundaries of a minimalist design, the lamp is turned on, off, and dimmed through the simple press of a touch panel – which can be done on either side of its base. The shadeless lamp will also take up a minimal amount of space, be it on a side table or nightstand, and not only that, it is also extremely lightweight that it can be balanced on a single finger for easy relocation. Using 5-watt LEDs which have been rated for 50,000 hours, you know for sure the Arch Lamp is going to last you a good, long time.

Ready Player 1 Heat-Change Mug rolls back the years

by Edwin - on October 21, 2014

player-1-mugIt is safe to say that many of us would be shaped by the kind of childhood experience that we have when we come to our adult years, and for good reason, too. After all, a positive or negative childhood experience does have its fair share of consequences, good or otherwise, in the long run. For those of us who were exposed to games like Pac-man in the arcade would definitely be able to identify with a simple introduction to the player, asking him or her to get ready. Why not roll back the years with the $11.99 Ready Player 1 Heat-Change Mug?

This is something that has to do with arcades hat does not require any kind of quarters – not even a single one, yes sir! All that you need, instead, would be to add some hot liquids in order to change the “GAME OVER” message into “READY PLAYER 1 START!” This is the ideal idea when it comes to one’s love of hot liquids, no to mention love of retro gaming. At least it gives you some hope that life is well worth it to start all over again, going to show that there is always a second chance – which means one needs not despair, but to be pleased that there is yet another opportunity to begin afresh, and what better way to do so than with a hot cuppa? Definitely not the first of its kind we have seen, and neither does it look like it will be the last, either.

Polar M400 GPS training watch revealed

by Edwin - on October 21, 2014

polar-m400Activity trackers as well as GPS enabled timepieces are extremely niche market products, and Polar is a company that has just rolled out their Polar M400 GPS training watch that comes with the ability to track your activity all round the clock. Wha makes the Polar M400 so special for runners (or basically anyone who is willing to get engaged in a healthy and active lifestyle) would be the fact that it has a slew of products and apps which will ultimately help one to understand one’s body, letting you get fitter – in a faster time period too, of course.

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by Edwin - on October 21, 2014

mother-senseFirstly, I would like to establish the fact that Mother and the Motion Cookies is not the name of a new band that plays retro music, although it might sound very close like one. is the one behind Mother and the Motion Cookies, where they happen to be a bunch of smart devices that will keep the smart home company. The main objective of Mother? To help make life safer, healthier and a whole lot more fun. Mother can now be purchased from with free shipping anywhere within the US. Let us take a closer look at what Mother and the Motion Cookies are capable of right after the jump.

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RC John Deere Tractor provides a glimpse to the world of construction

by Edwin - on October 20, 2014

john-deere-rcNow here is a surefire way to tickle the imagination of your children or even grandchildren whenever it comes to play time, using a remote controlled toy. After all, it is through play that children learn a whole lot, and why not pique their interest right from the get go where machinery and perhaps some basic principles of building are concerned? This is what the $119.95 RC John Deere Tractor is all about, where this remote controlled toy is a whole lot more agile than your average tractor, since it is capable of popping a wheelie, spinning around in a circle, as well as perform other tricks that ought to entertain the little ones – at least for a while.

It is based on Deere’s venerable “GP” model which has been more or less omnipresent on farms since the beginnig of time. I jest, since the 1920s, but this model tractor happens to have a behaviour that is more in line with that of a monster truck than anything else, courtesy of its huge, air-filled tires and articulated steering that will allow it to perform sharp turns. It will also be guided by the three-channel 27-MHz transmitter, as the tractor stands on its rear wheels and spin 360°, and should it teeters off balance, there will be a self-correcting mechanism that will right the tractor. A 9.6-volt rechargeable battery keeps it running for up to 45 minutes, and it takes 4 hours to fully recharge.

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