The BlueLounge Soba will organize your cable clutter

by Caitlyn - on September 16, 2014

If you work on a computer and just love having accessories, then you know how delightfully annoying cable management can be. The clutter can make you go crazy if it goes unchecked. We have looked at a huge variety of ways to organize and categorize your cables, but it all comes down to personal preference. What one person likes may not work for the next, as the area your office is set up in will drastically change your needs.

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SMART Retro Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster ensures perfection each time

by Edwin - on September 16, 2014

hot-dog-toasterToasters are one thing – but toasters that are able to serve up delicious hot dogs according to everyone’s taste buds? That is not so easy to find, although we have come across the Hot Diggity Dogger a few years back. This time around, it would be the £35.99 SMART Retro Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster that offers a fast, fun and above all, convenient method to make sure that you will be able to make yourself a quick snack regardless of the time of the day. The SMART Retro Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster is capable of holding up a couple of regular-sized hot dogs and two hot dog buns simultaneously, and it comes with a robust design.

The SMART Retro Pop Up Hot Dog Toaster will feature adjustable heat settings, letting you achieve perfect hot dogs every single time. Not only that, it is also ideal for parties, where this quirky gadget would allow you to keep your small party of guests well fed in the shortest time possible, even when the caterer is late to your home. I personally think that this puppy comes in handy during those weekend football games, or big game nights where various intervals would allow you to fix a quick snack for yourself before the next half begins.

All Terrain Buggy Racer offers a safe environment to get the adrenaline pumping

by Edwin - on September 16, 2014

all-terrain-buggy-racerForget about getting hold of a simulator when it comes to driving a vehicle around – the graphics might be super realistic and the sound pounds out from various channels to deliver the most authentic experience possible, but nothing is still able to beat the real thing. If you think that your little one has the potential to actually make it big on the race tracks in the future, then you might want to consider keeping a keen eye out for the $269.95 All Terrain Buggy Racer.

This All Terrain Buggy Racer is touted to get the adrenaline pumping, although there will not be any kind of major thrills and spills that we see on the TV during a live race telecast. In fact, it is a pedal racer that will offer young drivers a taste of off-roading while they remain within the safe confines of your neighborhood. Thanks to Kettler, Germany’s premier maker of ride-on vehicles, the All Terrain Buggy Racer will feature a durable powder-coated tubular steel frame as well as rubber-clad plastic tires which will enable racers to pedal up and down mild grades or across a lawn or beach. The buggy ensures the driver remains just 12″ off the ground, resulting in a low center of gravity so that there will be better stability to handle them treacherous hairpin turns.

Moga unveils Rebel game controller for iOS devices

by Edwin - on September 16, 2014

moga-rebelGone are the days where the go-to portable gaming device comes in the form of a Nintendo or Sony handheld like a Nintendo 3DS or Sony PS Vita only. The rapid adoption of smartphones among the masses has also increased the number of casual gamers who are always on the move, creating an entire new market in the process. While gaming on an iPhone is easy and convenient, on-screen controls are not exactly the best way to go about things in the long run, which is why Moga has come up with their latest Moga Rebel.

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iRemember is the world’s first smart pill organizer

by Edwin - on September 16, 2014

irememberAs we age, our body will start to break down in different places and on various accounts, which is not a good sign at all, although we can be thankful that advances made in the world of medicine has somewhat improved the quality of life in the golden years even when sickness and ailing health strikes. However, getting the right supplements would help a whole lot, and there are times when it can be rather difficult to remember all the various pills that you will need to consume at the right time. This is where technology comes and play its part in the form of the aptly named iRemember.

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The Leggage laptop case is a must-have for frequent flyers

by Caitlyn - on September 15, 2014

The Leggage

If you’ve ever had to do a lot of traveling by plane, you know how hard it can be on your body. You’re confined to a small, uncomfortable seat sitting in a germ box thousands of feet above the ground. In some cases, there is literally nothing for you to do if you didn’t come prepared with a book or music player. It’s very easy to become uncomfortable and cranky in seemingly no time at all.

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Armatix iP1- is Technology Making Guns Safer?

by Julie - on September 15, 2014


Okay, so we have smartphones that can be unlocked with a fingerprint scanner, keeping the contents safe from prying eyes and identity thieves. We have cars that open their doors to anyone simply holding the car keys, and homes that unlock themselves by looking into our eyes. While some of this technology is fairly new, it is becoming apparent that there’s a whole slew of new ways to lock stuff up, and now… a bunch of new things we can start locking. Continue reading » Armatix iP1- is Technology Making Guns Safer?

Boom Box Touch Speaker – look ma, no hands!

by Edwin - on September 15, 2014

boombox-touchSometimes, a “magic touch” is all that is required in order for something to get done – and the £24.99 Boom Box Touch Speaker will make a play in that particular sense, so to speak, whenever you would want to enjoy your favorite tunes. Basically, the Boom Box Touch Speaker offers an easy and convenient method for you to amplify the audio that is played back on your device, all without the need to get all tripped up by pesky wires as well as using a Bluetooth connection.

To make sure you maximize the Boom Box Touch Speaker’s functionality, it is pretty simple. All it takes would be for you to place your smartphone or audio-playback device on top, and you’re good to go. A full charge allows the Boom Box Touch Speaker to blast out up to 10 hours of non-stop audio, not to mention this particular speaker being extremely lightweight, you might want to think about bringing it with you wherever you go! The Boom Box Touch Speaker will play nice with any device that comes with an external speaker, and it will make use of ‘Near Field Audio’ technology to get the job done. A 3.5mm jack input is there just in case someone happens to be carrying a device that belongs to the previous century.

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