CHUWI HiGame mini PC

by Edwin - on June 18, 2018

Small Form Factor (SFF) computers were all the rage at one point in time, but it does seem as though the fever for SFF modules had died down not too long ago. However, there is always room for a CHUWI HiGame mini PC in any household, at least this is what CHUWI would like to propose. Why do I say that? Well, for starters, having a computer is deemed to be an essential item in the modern day home, so why not make sure that it takes up as little space as possible all the while being able to deliver top notch performance? This is where the CHUWI HiGame mini PC comes in, filling up such a niche.

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Hanergy reveals new thin-film solar charging pack

by Edwin - on June 17, 2018

HanergyWhen it comes to clean energy, many of us would love the idea of having a virtually inexhaustible supply of energy which is free and plentiful. That would certainly get gadget lovers’ adrenaline running: imagine being able to play with your smartphone all day long without having to worry about it running out of juice simply because you have the means to keep it powered up to maximum at all times, for free! Hanergy figured out the next best thing, a new generation mobile energy solutions that arrives in the form of a thin-film solar charging pack. This is an on-the-go electricity generator and storage device, where it boasts of thin film solar panels that provides an avenue for on-the-go charging when it comes to personal electronics.

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LynQ smart compass sees extended Indiegogo campaign

by Edwin - on June 16, 2018

LynQ_Smart_CompassThere are many things these days that have begun to earn the “smart” moniker in its prefix, and the compass happens to be one of them. At least this is what the LynQ Indiegogo campaign is all about, where such a smart compass is capable of locating virtually anyone without having to make use of smartphones, networks, subscriptions, or even to rely on any other kind of infrastructure. With the LynQ’s compass-like display, individuals as well as groups will be able to see their relative distance and direction from one another, ensuring that nobody from the “pack” ends up elsewhere, while functioning even when all of the other technologies fail.

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Casio brings connected G-Shock MT-G timepieces to the fore

by Edwin - on June 15, 2018

MTGB1000_Casio_G_SHOCKWhen it comes to tough watches that are extremely functional with great design behind it, you would be hard pressed to find any other company apart from Casio to roll such beauties out. This time around, Casio has just announced the on-sale date of its Connected MT-G timepieces, which would be the first ever from the Japanese firm. These G-Shock timepieces are part of the brand’s luxury MT-G men’s line, where the latest models will arrive in silver with black and red accents (MTGB1000-1A) as well as an all-black shade with red accents (MTGB1000B-1A). Those who are interested to have these timepieces on their wrists can pick them up from the beginning of next month onward.

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KiiPix instant picture printer

by Edwin - on June 14, 2018

kiipixThe primary camera that we use these days to capture our favorite memories wherever we go would be the smartphone camera. However, when it comes to archiving all of those snapped photos, not too many of us have the habit of constantly transferring and categorizing these photos in their proper place. Why not take the opportunity to actually print them out wherever you are? TOMY has come up with the KiiPix, which is an affordable instant picture printer that is able to roll out retro-stylized photos from just about any smartphone.

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Razer set to release Dragon Ball FighterZ Fighting Sticks for consoles

by Edwin - on June 14, 2018

Dragon_Ball_FighterZWhen it comes to gaming peripherals, there are very few people who do it better than the folks over at Razer. Long been deemed to be the gold standard in gaming devices, the company will focus on consoles this time around with the Dragon Ball FighterZ Fighting Sticks. The Nintendo Switch is definitely ruled out, since it takes on a rather unconventional method of gaming, which leaves the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to be the right place for such Fighting Sticks to make their appearance. Working alongside Bandai Namco Entertainment and Shueisha, Inc./Toei Animation, these competitive arcade fighting sticks will certainly help increase your ability to perform at the very highest level.

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Transparent OLED concept from LG looks stunning

by Edwin - on June 12, 2018

LG_Electronics_OLEDLG is proud to be the leader in OLED commercial display technology, having already revealed the world’s largest OLED display last year. This time around, the South Korean company has not rested on its laurels, having introduced all new commercial OLED displays that will certainly be able to bring on the “wow factor” for different businesses and enterprising entities with its unique incorporation. This next generation LG transparent OLED display will boast of narrow bezels that help result in its elegant form factor, bringing a futuristic slant to any premise that is decorated with it.

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PanoClip makes 360 photo-taking a snap

by Edwin - on June 11, 2018

PanoClip_iPhoneTaking a panoramic shot of anything is always a novelty for me, perhaps due to the fact that I grew up on 4R prints. There is something magical about panoramic shots, they simply convey a sense of space and majesty, especially when it concerns a breathtaking view from the top of a mountain or somewhere similar. Well, the PanoClip that has been recently launched is something that all iPhone users might want to check out if panoramic shots are their cup of tea, as it is able to allow virtually anyone to effortlessly snap 360 photos as well as “Tiny Planet” shots, all right from their smartphone. It makes use of a cleverly designed dual-lens system, where the PanoClip will snap instantly onto a smartphone before the software works on stitching together the shots to create seamless 360 photos through a clever combination of images from both front and rear cameras.

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