The Lightman is a flashlight for every situation

by Caitlyn - on October 1, 2014

We have a strange infatuation when it comes to lights. While it’s best to do detailed or potentially dangerous work during the daylight hours, we’re not always able to have light exactly where we want it. This is when we would get a light to fill in the shadows, or illuminate an otherwise dark work space. This is often why we get so many different types or sizes of lights.

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Swann Security announces SwannOne smart home solution

by Edwin - on October 1, 2014

swannoneSwann Security is an industry leader who happens to have collected over a quarter of a century’s worth of security monitoring experience under their belt, and hence it is no surprise to hear that it has a spanking new flagship product in the connected home space, where this particular product is known as the SwannOne. SwannOne happens to be a security- centric, smart home solution which would enable allows consumers to gain control of just about every single element of their surroundings, whether it is at home or for business security, all from a single smartphone app.

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The BeachSafe lets you relax while keeping your belongings secure

by Caitlyn - on October 1, 2014

The BeachSafe

Going to the beach can be a fun day in the sun, but you do have to worry about the security of the items you bring with you. Leaving things in the locked trunk of your car is probably your safest bet, but you’re going to want to have your phone, wallet, and keys with you (the latter is a must for obvious reasons). If you haven’t found a good way of dealing with this issue just yet, then you’ll be happy to know that there are a myriad of options available.

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Drobo Mini 8TB bundle announced

by Edwin - on October 1, 2014

drobo-mini-8tbIf you happen to have a penchant for making backups of your data as well as work, then I am quite sure you would be pretty much familiar with the folks over at Connected Data as well as what they do. Connected Data happens to be the ones behind the award-winning Drobo range of smart storage solutions, and their latest Drobo Mini 8TB bundle will be able to deliver to customers a massive amount of storage space – all without having to take up too much physical space in the first place.

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VTech’s InnoTab MAX- New, Fast and Fun!

by Julie - on October 1, 2014


There’s no question that the world has gone high tech. Kids want toys that are “connected” they learn via the electronic screen. Kids see toys, and want to know what it is they do, and at first glance, you may wonder if something is being lost, like the art of creativity? I think that times are changing, and changing quickly. Gadgets for kids will help them keep up, and gadgets made just for kids can leave parents with their sanity. Continue reading » VTech’s InnoTab MAX- New, Fast and Fun!

15′ Inflatable Apparition arrives in time for Halloween

by Edwin - on October 1, 2014

inflatable-apparitionWhile we are already in October of this year, this can only mean one thing – the march of the holiday season will soon be upon us. For those of us who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, we have recently made the cross from summer to autumn, and hence it is a time to earn additional dough from raking leaves, while preparing for Halloween. If you would like your home to be the outstanding one this coming Halloween, perhaps the usual slew of decorations might not make the cut unless you pick up the $149.95 15′ Inflatable Apparition?

As its name suggests, this is a 15′-tall inflatable ghost which will manifest its malevolent intent by changing colors throughout the entire night. It does look rather realistic from afar, where it points to a recent dissolution from a corporeal state, as there are thin wisps of textured nylon which will be draped ghoulishly from its ethereal outstretched limbs in order to form a 9′-wide reach that might just draw the attention of the curious right over. Nine LEDs within the ghost’s durable, waterproof nylon body will be able to change colors every few seconds, and it remains secured to the ground via half a dozen stakes and a trio of ropes. Definitely one of the more unique inflatable purchases that we have seen this year.

TARDIS Light-Up Headband for your young Dr. Who fan in the house

by Edwin - on October 1, 2014

tardis-light-up-headbandWhen it comes to the TV series Doctor Who, you can be sure that you will run into fans of all different age groups as well as gender, and that does not matter. The more, the merrier, but when it comes to actually identifying the different kinds of Doctor Who collectibles that will be able to resonate with you, that can be a little bit more tricky. Case in point, if the little princess in your home too, has picked up the nuances of Doctor Who and would like to parade her passion for this particular TV series, what can you get here that suits her age? Enter the $15.99 TARDIS Light-Up Headband of course.

Wearing this would obviously turn her into a TARDIS with an attitude, as it arrives in the form of an adorable light up headband. Not only that, there is also an on-off switch that is located on the side of the lamp housing to help you get started, and it will be powered by a pair of LR41 batteries. You can rest assured in the knowledge that this is an officially licensed Doctor Who merchandise, allowing you to shake off accusations of purchasing bootleg products with consummate ease. This blue headband comes with a smooth underside, and it is made out of plastic. This is definitely one of the more docile TARDIS collectible that we have come across.

The Silo Mesh Card keeps aesthetics and indestructibility in mind

by Caitlyn - on September 30, 2014

The Silo Mesh Card

There are times where you don’t want to carry around your wallet in its entirety. Going out for a night on the town or to a special event means wanting to carry the least amount of extra junk as possible. When it comes down to essentials, you really only need a few cards, your drivers license, and some cash.

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