Coral One vacuum robot does more than the usual

by Edwin - on September 18, 2018

Robotic vacuum cleaners are certainly nothing new these days, as there is quite a number of companies out there that have come up with their fair share of models which are capable of mapping out your entire home while ensuring it is capable of docking itself when it starts to run low on juice. However, here is something that might just raise your jaded eyebrow: the Coral One. The Coral One happens to be a powerful 2-in-1 vacuum robot that brings along with it an injection of true innovation.

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TREBLAB X5 lets you enjoy leading an active lifestyle

by Edwin - on September 17, 2018

TREBLAB_X5When it comes to working out, each of us has our very own workout programs or schedules that fit our needs and goals best. However, regardless of whether you like a brisk walk in the mornings or evenings, or prefer to pound the pavement with at least 3 miles under your belt, one thing is for sure: music will help make the entire workout more manageable, or perhaps even spur you on to greater heights and improving your personal best. This means having a suitable pair of sports earbuds would go a long way in helping you out, and the TREBLAB X5 is one such sports earbuds that will get the job done and in style to boot.

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Roomba i7+ robot vacuum

by Edwin - on September 16, 2018

roomba-i7plusVacuum cleaners have certainly come a long way since their early days, and the idea of a robotic vacuum cleaner has certainly made life easier for homes everywhere. These might be far from sentient beings, but technology has advanced to such a degree where the latest generation of robotic vacuum cleaners are able to get the job done in a more efficient manner than ever before. Enter the Roomba i7+ robot vacuum, which is capable of remembering a home’s floor plan while cleaning up specific rooms by name. To cap it all off, it is also able to empty itself automatically when full, now how about that for efficiency?

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Seismic powered clothing augments your natural strength

by Edwin - on September 14, 2018

seismic-powered-clothingAs technology continues to advance forward, more and more devices end up with its fair bit of electronics within in order to be smarter and function more efficiently. Seismic does not want to miss out on this bandwagon, which is why it has come up with a range of powered clothing that will be able to augment the kind of natural strength that you have. Seismic achieves this through a fusion of apparel and robotics, targeting a fast growing activewear market. The latest Seismic powered clothing will deliver products that not only look but feel like natural apparel, while functioning as an extension of the human body. In other words, you get to put on an additional set of muscles every single day.

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The Fully Obedient Stormtrooper

by Edwin - on September 13, 2018

fully-obedient-stormtrooperWhen it comes to the Star Wars franchise, one thing stands out for sure: the legion of its fanbase continues to grow at an unabated rate, and with Disney taking over the entire franchise, you can be sure that more money-spinning blockbusters are going to come your way, even though many of the older fans might see these new films to be nothing more than a way to milk more cash from moviegoers. Apart from the movies alone, merchandise plays a very important role in the Star Wars universe, with thousands upon thousands of products released throughout its history. If you think that you would like to own a $229.95 Fully Obedient Stormtrooper, then do check out what Hammacher has to offer.

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Ollolclip reveals all-new Multi-Device Clip

by Edwin - on September 12, 2018

olloclip-multidevice-clipRemember the good old days when owning a dedicated digital camera proved to be all the rage, and when you carried around a DSLR, you were considered to be rather well off, in addition to having some basic knowledge about aperture size? Well, smartphones have taken over the place of a dedicated digital camera when it comes to instantaneous photoshoots, even churning out some extremely great looking photos in the process due to the technological advancements made in the area. However, there is always room for improvement, which is why add-on accessories such as the olloclip Multi-Device Clip can be such a boon to those who would like to explore new grounds when it comes to maximizing the use of smartphone cameras.

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Kenu moves forward with fast wireless charging car mounts

by Edwin - on September 11, 2018

Airframe-WirelessMany of us own more than one smartphone these days, and ride-sharing drivers tend to have a minimum of two in order to keep track of their customers while making sure that they have a backup handset just in case something happens, or they need to call someone during an emergency. Whatever the case is, or if you are simply a smartphone owner, you should still pick up a smartphone car mount. For starters, a smartphone car mount lets you carry out hands-free conversations, and it also provides an avenue for your handset to remain in place while providing directions via a navigation app of your choice rather than sliding all over the dashboard. Kenu has just made life better with the announcement of wireless charger car mounts: the Airframe Wireless and Airbase Wireless. Both of these mounts are Qi-certified, delivering up to 10W of power to compatible smartphones.

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Marshall Voice is a new kind of smart speaker

by Edwin - on September 10, 2018

marshall-voiceMarshall is certainly no stranger when it comes to quality audio products, and this autumn would see the launch of the Marshall Voice with Amazon Alexa, where it will be followed by the Google Assistant later this year. While you might get all excited about it, there are better things to come as this is deemed to be but just the beginning as Marshall has bigger plans to introduce even more Marshall Voice speakers that sport other services down the road.

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