The Guitdoorbell will strum a tune when you enter a room

by Caitlyn - on April 24, 2014

We react to sounds in a variety of ways. Music we like makes us happy, screaming will set us on edge, and hearing water running in a stream is often very peaceful. If you’re the type of person who likes constant noise rather than silence, then you probably want a lot of sound-makers around your space.

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The Lenmar Mutant – Powerful, Portable, Power for 4

by Julie - on April 24, 2014


Good old smartphone battery life, hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear at least one person complain about it.  I guess iPhones new iOS does at least appear to drain the battery much faster than before. I’m lucky if I get a whole day with the phone as it is now. That being said, the other 3 phones in our household aren’t setting any records for battery life either, we’re constantly fighting over who will use the charger in the car. We have a handful of standalone chargers that work with varying degrees of success…

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DiDi is a modern teddy bear that will help little ones learn to read

by Caitlyn - on April 24, 2014

We all had and/or have a special toy that we grew up with. Sometimes it’s a bear, blanket, or maybe it’s a strange stuffed animal like a puffer fish. Whatever it may be, it was more often than not a sort of security item, with which we felt safe from monsters in our own imagination at night, or dealing with new environments. While kids today still have teddy bears, they often pay more attention to technology as a comfort item.

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T-fal OptiGrill helps you whip up the perfect meal, every time

by Edwin - on April 24, 2014

tfal-optigrillSummer will soon be upon us, and what better way to celebrate that season than to hold outdoor cook-outs with the rest of the family? Sure, you have been using the very same grill for the past two decades, and while it is still usable, how about augmenting the next cook-out experience with the $179.99 T-fal OptiGrill?

What makes the T-fal OptiGrill so special is the fact that it comes with a built-in sensor that is capable of adapting the cooking time to the thickness of your food automatically, without any fuss. Basically, it would be a no-brainer for you to cook stuff with the T-fal OptiGrill from now on. Apart from that, audible beeps are there to inform you of just when your food is at rare, medium or well done, so that you will be able to bite into just the right flavor according to how your taste buds love it.

There is also a cooking indicator light that will switch from yellow to red whenever your food is ready. All that you need to do is to select an automatic setting for burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage, pork, red meat or fish. Alternatively, if you are a more hands-on person, why not give the manual function a go if you want to dabble with vegetables and your own personal recipes?

Instant Teeth Whitening Pen has plans for your pearly whites

by Edwin - on April 24, 2014

instant-teeth-whitening-penHaving a fully functional set of teeth alone ought to be a good thing for anyone, but of course, in such a narcissistic world, we not only want a complete set of teeth, but one that are properly aligned as well as looking white as a sheet. Assuming you have tried different teeth whitening products in the past but to no avail, how about giving it one more shot with the $24.95 Instant Teeth Whitening Pen?

The Instant Teeth Whitening Pen happened to pick up a gold medal in the prestigious Edison Awards for innovation, where this particular pen has been designed by dentists, the very same folks who supposedly know what they are doing. It sorts of reminds me of Oral B toothbrushes and their popular slogan of it being the brand that most dentists use themselves. Back to the Instant Teeth Whitening Pen – it can be used on the go to help whiten teeth instantly, all the while prevent staining between whitening treatments. Tiny and portable enough to be placed in a makeup bag or purse discreetly, you need no rinsing or brushing for added convenience.

Sceptre adds a dash of color with new 32” LED HDTV

by Edwin - on April 24, 2014

sceptre-ledtvSceptre has just introduced a brand new 32” LED HDTV to the masses that will be able to introduce more than just entertainment into your life, as it will also bring color to the scene. Of course, 32” is the absolute minimum when it comes to the screen size, but it ought to be sufficient for those living in a small room. Arriving in pink, purple, pearl white and black shades, it is the ideal method to enjoy your favorite TV programming all the while introducing a touch of personality to any room.

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iXtreme iPhone case turns your smartphone into a rugged video recording camera

by Edwin - on April 24, 2014

ixtremeThere are some of us who love having that adrenaline rush whenever we head for the great outdoors, as it does help us feel alive in doing so. Whether it is through bungee jumping, rock climbing, crossing a slackline that is placed over a deep ravine, it does not matter – what matters most is getting that adrenaline rush to your head. More often than not, retelling the stories of your exploits to your friends does not have quite the same ring to it, especially if you do not have the necessary adjectives to go along with your tale. Since pictures speak more than a thousand words, and a video contains many frames of pictures per second, why not let the video enhance your storytelling? This is where the iXtreme iPhone case comes in handy.

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The Professional Power Massager will beat your stress into submission

by Caitlyn - on April 23, 2014

Professional Power Massager
Getting stressed out is pretty easy to do. Road rage, spilled coffee, deadlines, and more are commonplace in our everyday (and a lot of little things can build over time), so it’s no wonder why we have so much tension. Some carry knots in their shoulders, while others have more in their neck or lower back. Regardless of where it is, you want to work out that buildup so it doesn’t start impeding on your quality of life.

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