Parrot Jumping Sumo is a robot that bounces around

by Edwin - on July 28, 2014

You have heard of the phrase that boys/girls just want to have fun. Well, guess what – in the 21st century, even robots, too, would like to have their fair share of fun. Having said that, anyone who has observed children would know that the little ones have boundless levels of energy, and it can get pretty difficult in trying to keep up with them. Robots like the £139.99 Parrot Jumping Sumo is one boisterous jumping robot that is controlled using your smartphone. Yeah, I know right, there’s an app for that and all that jazz.

The Parrot Jumping Sumo comes across as a highly advanced robot that will carry with it a wide-angle camera. This camera is capable of streaming video feeds to your smartphone, not to mention record all that is going on around. Be prepared to get dizzy as it jumps up to heights of 80cm as well as a similar length, while recording all that the wide-angle camera sees. Not only that, it is also lightweight and with all of that jumping that goes on, it too needs to be extremely robust so that it can survive both indoor as well as outdoor (ab)use. Scurrying around at speeds of up to 2m/s (7km/h), the Parrot Jumping Sumo is also capable of pushing objects and balancing by itself. This is an interesting addition to other Parrot releases like the Rolling Spider Mini Drone.

HoldTight is one imaginative smartphone case

by Edwin - on July 28, 2014

holdtightWhen it comes to the world of smartphones, you can be sure that there will be plenty of accessories released for it in the course of time. There are dime a dozen choices to choose from, so as the discerning consumer, which particular model should you gun for in the first place? Having said that, here is something that is slightly out of the ordinary, where it hails from the folks over at Felix, who intends to make your iPhone yours through the personalization options that HoldTight delivers. HoldTight is a customizable case that sports flexible bands which will offer a wide array of styles and uses, for instance, it can function as a cord keeper for ear buds, make sure that your credit card goes nowhere, doubles up as a holster which ensures your phone remains securely in hand as you indulge in a little bit of vigorous outdoor activity, among others.

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Fancy playing Doom in public on an ATM machine?

by Edwin - on July 28, 2014

The next time you step up to an ATM machine to make a withdrawal, you might want to take a moment to pause and think about the potential that this money spitting machine is capable of. Sure, it would be great to make a withdrawal of $50 to have the machine malfunction and spit out $50,000 in the process because of a screw up somewhere. However, chances are you are better off buying the lottery to gain a windfall, so what else can an ATM machine do? YouTube user [Aussie50] has managed to hack into an ATM machine by installing Doom on it, and apart from that, it looks as though the ATM’s very own buttons are used to control your Space Marine as he goes about blasting the denizens of hell back to where they belong.

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Nokia Lumia 530 delivers an affordable Windows Phone 8.1 experience

by Edwin - on July 27, 2014

lumia-530Have you jumped aboard the Windows Phone bandwagon already? If you are thinking of making the jump and yet are a little tight on your purse strings, there is something mid -range from the folks over at Nokia, and that would be the Nokia Lumia 530 which runs on Windows Phone 8.1 Of course, we have seen other Lumia handsets in the last like the Nokia Lumia 635, and with the Lumia 530, it intends to act as a bridge for the masses to make the jump over to Microsoft’s mobile platform.

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Aftershokz Bluez 2 delivers wireless bone conduction goodness

by Edwin - on July 27, 2014

aftershokzHeadphones are something that just about every single one of us have, especially when we have so many devices around that will be able to play back music on the move. Wired headphones have been around for the longest time, and they are not about to go away anytime soon. Of course, there are wireless headphones around, but are those able to get the tunes right to your skull directly, in a clear manner? The $99.99 Aftershokz Bluez 2 wireless bone conduction headphones is surely able to do so, as the black band wraps behind your head and will rest in front of your ears.

This would ensure that your ears remain open, since the Aftershokz Bluez 2 wireless bone conduction headphones sends sound directly to the cochlea. Each purchase will comprise of a pair of headphones, adjustable tension band, and a storage pouch. With this, you can hear what you are listening to, and yet have the advantage of knowing what else is going on in the world all around you. Sounds like the perfect headphones to wear have when you are out on your morning runs! While this is not first of such headphones like the Parrot Zik in the market, it certainly offers a decent option.

CordoClip Auto Clothesline Kit reels in the clothes in double quick time

by Edwin - on July 27, 2014

cordoclipWhen it comes to drying your clothes, I still prefer the good, old fashioned way, that is, to hang it out under the sun to dry. There is no need to place it into a dryer, which consumes plenty of electricity in the long run. The sun, however, delivers free rays, and there is nothing quite like a set of freshly hung laundry – with UV rays that will also kill all sorts of germs along the way. The CordoClip Auto Clothesline Kit is an automatic clothesline that will help you save hundreds of dollars in energy bills along the way.

It will retail anywhere from $129.95 to $149.95, where it will boast of a pulley system design which makes it far faster and easier to load and unload laundry. Apart from that, one can easily attach it to a fence or outside wall. Not only that, it is also durable and sturdy, which is capable of resisting winds of up to 60 mph. Even better is, this particular PermaClip clothespins will remain on and never rust, although some bit of assembly is required before you put it up. I’m sure this is great to place such a particular USB flash drive, too.

Swich wireless charger looks fantastic and works equally well

by Edwin - on July 26, 2014

swichKickstarter is a great place to raise funds from the masses if you do happen to have something that most of the people would like to have, but did not think of it just yet. We have seen our fair share of wireless chargers in the past, but this particular one that has hit Kickstarter hails from Lutman Design Studio, arriving in the form of Swich, which is a wireless charger that functions as a stand for smartphones, being designed in wood and ceramics. It is a snap to use, looks great as a fashionable mobile appliance, and will also do its bit to assist users so that they can charge up their dog tired battery and access phone apps in a wholly new way.

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The Nenrin Mini Healing Speaker will improve your health, but deplete your wallet

by Caitlyn - on July 25, 2014

Nenrin Wood speaker

Some sound can be therapeutic for us, while others can drive us insane. For example, would you rather listen to a dripping faucet or a cat purring? Music is what we choose to listen to most often, and there are a myriad of options for headphones and speaker systems that will provide you with sound at varying qualities. If you are quite the audiophile, then you can differentiate subtle nuances in the caliber of various speakers and headsets. Using different materials such as wood, plastic, and glass will yield very different properties.

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