The Companion Owls Headphone Splitter makes listening to music together a hoot

by Caitlyn - on July 31, 2014

Just about everyone you know has some form of a music player anymore. While you could both pull up the same song and listen to it separately, we often want to watch someone’s expressions by listening to something with them completely in sync. It’s the little nuances that help us characterize what makes our friends laugh, cry, and make us wonder why we don’t think the same things are funny. While you could offer one of the two earbuds you have to them, chances are you’re going to have to deal with the waxy substance that will usually come back on it.

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The MiC from Apogee will let you record anywhere you feel inspired

by Caitlyn - on July 31, 2014

Apogee MiC

If you’re a musician or voice actor, then you know exactly how important it is to have a home setup with a quality microphone. You can’t really rely on listening to yourself talking or singing, as your voice always sounds different than it does to everyone else thanks to all of the reverberation in your skull. Practice aside, you also need a good mic so you can send professional-grade materials in for auditions.

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Coin – ALL your Credit Cards in One

by Julie - on July 31, 2014

Unknown I have to admit I’m not the most organized gal on the planet. My wallets a mess, I have a gazillion credit cards, none of which are where they should be at any given time. I use one to pay for something, and stick it in my jacket pocket. I use another one, and it goes into my dressy handbag, only to be found 3 months after it expired. I need the cards, but I sure wish they were a little easier to keep track of.

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Law Enforcement Flashlight ensures nothing remains hidden from its view

by Edwin - on July 31, 2014

law-enforcement-flashlightDads do shoulder an extremely heavy responsibility in the family – not only are they traditionally the primary bread winner of the family, dads too, will have to be the DIY handyman around the house, making sure that whatever needs to be fixed will get fixed, not to mention looking out for monsters underneath the bed and soothing their child’s cry whenever one falls down and scrapes a knee. In their general quest for being the all-rounder of the family, dads too, are sometimes thrown into situations where they need to look for something in the middle of the night. This is where a decent flashlight will come in handy, so why not go the whole nine yards with the $249.95 Law Enforcement Flashlight?

The name itself does lend a story that this is one particular flashlight that is preferred by law enforcement personnel as well as search and rescue operators, thanks to its superb performance ability that enables it to cast a cone of light up to 2,240 feet. It will make use of a powerful LED bulb, where at its highest output of 1,132 lumens, the flashlight’s beam will have the ability to illuminate subjects with a 3’-diameter spotlight at its farthest range. This is ideal to take note of a landmark, and you can also choose a low output setting of 95 lumens to cast a broad, 30’-diameter beam up to 600’ for illuminating wider areas. A quartet of D batteries will offer relevant juice for up to 4.5 hours of operation at its highest output setting, and it comes accompanied by a rugged EVA carrying case and shoulder strap. This is definitely far better than other puny flashlights on the market, but it might find a worthy rival in the Apollo A1.

DIY Nixie Tube Clock Kit offers retro time telling capability

by Edwin - on July 31, 2014

nixie_tube_clockWhen it comes to telling the time, there are many different ways of doing so. In fact, most of us these days tend to rely on our smartphones and tablets to tell the time, with the humble wristwatch functioning more as a fashion accessory than anything else. Well, for those of you who would like to spruce up your home or office desk with a clock that is bound to elicit conversation whenever someone drops by your abode, then you would not be able to go wrong with the $199.99 DIY Nixie Tube Clock Kit.

The DIY Nixie Tube Clock Kit will let you enjoy fun with the “LEDs” of yesteryear, where this limited-edition DIY kit will target makers. Of course, one will require a decent amount of soldering experience in the first place before you get started on this bad boy, so you will have to have steady hands and an interest too. The ability to read schematics would definitely come in handy as well, and with the DIY Nixie Tube Clock Kit, you can opt to view time in 12h/24h display mode, while an integrated motion sensor lets you change settings accordingly. Heck, it even comes with the ability to set daylight-savings, now how about that? An alarm function also makes it all the more functional instead of being just aesthetically pleasing, and it also packs the ability to transmit IR data packets to another clock. Surely this is not too different from the DIY Nixie Tube Desk Clock.

Drobo Mini now offers SSD support

by Edwin - on July 31, 2014

drobominiConnected Data, the company behind the award-winning Drobo range of smart storage solutions, has just come up with its latest device that might just resonate with the masses. After all, many of us do deal with a growing amount of data with each passing month, considering all of the photos and videos that we tend to record while on the move. Their latest device? The Drobo Mini with Solid State Disk (SSD) drives that are capable of delivering up to 80% more performance in comparison to a Drobo Mini which has been configured with traditional spinning hard drives, as well as other Drobo portable storage devices that we have seen in the past.

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Satechi Spectrum Mouse delivers functionality without breaking the bank

by Edwin - on July 31, 2014

satechi-spectrumNot all mice are created equal, and by this, I do mean the computer accessory instead of our rodent friends that have brought about plagues in the past, and continue to remain a very real pest in the lives of millions of people around the world, be it in a city or out there in the villages. Those who love to game would definitely have one particular brand of gaming mouse that they would more often than not stick to and follow throughout their gaming career, while those who are at the office most of the time will use whatever is available. Some folks even bring their own mouse to the office simply because they are used to it, and if you would like to add a dash of flair to your office mousing experience, then you might want to check out the Satechi Spectrum Mouse.

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The Rechargeable Sensor Pump won’t let germs spread

by Caitlyn - on July 30, 2014

Simple Human Rechargeble Sensor Pump

The best thing about going into an automatic bathroom is that you don’t have to touch anything. No touching handles to flush the toilet, turn on the sink, press down the soap dispenser, or crank out paper towels. While a few germs aren’t going to kill you, having a facility you don’t have to touch seems rather necessary in high-traffic areas. While your kitchen may not be a high-traffic area, that is where a lot of raw foods are prepared, and you don’t really want chicken juice traveling into the living room or elsewhere.

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