The Silo Mesh Card keeps aesthetics and indestructibility in mind

by Caitlyn - on September 30, 2014

There are times where you don’t want to carry around your wallet in its entirety. Going out for a night on the town or to a special event means wanting to carry the least amount of extra junk as possible. When it comes down to essentials, you really only need a few cards, your drivers license, and some cash.

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The MeTime Eye and Temple Massager soothes tired eyes

by Caitlyn - on September 30, 2014

The MeTime Eye and Temple massager

Working long hours and not getting enough sleep will do a number on your body. Usually that lifestyle coincides with not eating correctly or drinking enough water as well, leaving you tired, cranky, and feeling awful a lot of the time. While stress manifests itself most often in facial breakouts and muscle tension, it can also give you headaches, which makes doing anything a challenge. Of course, when it comes to your head hurting, the tiniest things can annoy you almost immediately since the pain is harder to ignore.

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Yonanas – the Dessert World has Gone Bananas

by Julie - on September 30, 2014


Do you have an insatiable sweet tooth? Could you easily forgo a whole dinner in order to indulge yourself in a gooey ice cream sundae. Of course you know its not good for you, and maybe you even struggle with a few pounds you’d rather not have… I tend to believe that life is too short to deprive yourself of the things you really love, but boy I wish that piece of fruit I know I should have, would be half as delicious as the ice cream I actually want. Continue reading » Yonanas – the Dessert World has Gone Bananas

HP Stream range gets expanded with new tablets and laptops

by Edwin - on September 30, 2014

hp-stream-13One notable name among the tablet and laptop market would be HP, and this time around, HP intends to expand the HP Stream range of affordable thin-and-light Windows devices by offering two brand new tablets, and an equal number of laptops to boot. All in all, they will be the HP Stream 7 and HP Stream 8 tablets, while the new HP Stream laptops will arrive in 11.6” and 13.3” screen sizes.

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GoPro unveils HERO4 high performance video capture accessory

by Edwin - on September 30, 2014

gopro-hero4It does look as though life gets pretty much monotonous after a while, and the search for the next big thing tends to require something which is whole lot more outrageous than before, prior to it picking up the relevant amount of attention along the way. Well, if you have ever gone for some adrenaline pumping activities like bungee jumping and tried describing the experience to your friends, a thesaurus might not do you justice – which is why it is better to record the entire jump. What better way to do so than to capture it on video for posterity? GoPro is an old hand at rugged adventure cameras, and their latest device, the high performance HERO4, has just been announced.

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No Charge Smart Watch – forget about replacing its battery for a year

by Edwin - on September 30, 2014

no-charge-smartwatchIt does look as though the age of smartwatches are upon us – there is no doubt about it at all. However, with more and more choices being made available to the masses such as the Apple Watch, just what kind of smartwatch should the discerning traveler choose from? If there is one major drawback about smartwatches, it would definitely be the rather limited battery life in comparison to a regular timepiece, and here we are with the $179.95 No Charge Smart Watch that might just help you look at a smartwatch in a different manner.

In fact, this particular waterproof smartwatch would make use of a single set of batteries in just an entire year, think about that! The No Charge Smart Watch will hook up to an iPhone or Android-powered smartphone through Bluetooth Smart technology, which results in it consuming very little energy compared to the previous versions of Bluetooth. In other words, this paves the way for the batteries to last up to an entire year – which does away with the need for tedious recharging every couple of days. When connected to your smartphone, the No Charge Smart Watch will show off the caller ID, while there will be different icons that will notify you of an incoming text, email, or social media activity.

Some of the other notifications include missed calls, calendar notifications, and low phone battery alerts – while there are also buttons on the side of the bezel which will enable you to play or pause music that is currently playing on the phone, or simply to snap a photo. The watch itself sports a brushed stainless-steel bezel, where it is made out of scratch-resistant mineral glass, accompanied by a rubber strap.

Kisai Vortex tells the time in style

by Edwin - on September 30, 2014

kisai-vortexWhile much focus has been placed on the recent slew of smartwatch releases, such as the Motorola Moto 360 as well as the Apple Watch, this does not mean that a regular timepiece that you wear on your wrist no longer has any more value. No sir, far from it – in fact, here we are with what is known as the Kisai Vortex, which is a unique watch as it sports a spiraling time display that is located right under a sleek concave lens.

Not only that, the Kisai Vortex prides itself in being a limited edition touchscreen watch that will boast a slew of other features. There will be a couple of time zones that will help frequent travelers keep track of the time at home as well as what the exact time it is right there and then with but a single glance. You will also be able to know just what date it is after crossing way too many time zones to keep count, and there is also an alarm function, some animation, a light up LED as well as audio feedback – all of it housed within a stainless steel case.

Right now, the Kisai Vortex can be yours for just $179 with free shipping thrown into the mix, and this offer is good until October 2nd, 11am Japan time – whereby after that, do expect to see the price gain a jump.

The Solar E Power Cube makes sure you still have power if the lights go out

by Caitlyn - on September 29, 2014

Solar E Power Cube

There is something that has become so normal to us, we think about it as much as we think about blinking or taking a breath. It seems ever-present, as we are almost never without electricity. The only times we really think about it are during storms, because it goes out. All of a sudden we don’t have it anymore, and depending on how long it’s out, life can become very difficult because we don’t know how to do things the old-fashioned way.

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