Aeroskull Nano Bluetooth Speaker looks rockin’

by Edwin - on November 29, 2015

If there is one thing that Bluetooth has contributed immensely to my life, it would be the fact that I can transfer data wirelessly from my handset to the computer – including photos and contacts, as well as tuning in to my favorite songs sans wires through a pair of Bluetooth-enabled headphones. I am quite sure that wireless audio has also benefitted many others greatly, since there are no longer any messy wires or cables to deal with. If you are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker at the moment, why not take the road less traveled with the £79.99 Aeroskull Nano Bluetooth Speaker?

The Aeroskull Nano Bluetooth Speaker will arrive in various shades such as Chrome, Gold, Matte Black and Red to suit different tastes and musical styles. In fact, one can say that this is one of the cooler looking portable speakers around, but since beauty is skin deep, what about the level of performance offered? The Aeroskull Nano Bluetooth Speaker does not disappoint in this department, either, as it is also proud to proclaim itself as the “loudest portable speaker on the planet”. Sporting an imposing skull design by the geniuses at Jarre Technologies, it delivers loud, crisp and high definition sound. The rechargeable battery delivers up to 8 hours of music, and will also work with the micro USB/3.5mm cable as and when necessary.

LUNATIK introduces TAKTIK 360 waterproof case for iPhone 6/6s

by Edwin - on November 29, 2015

TAKTIK360There is nothing quite like having the feeling of purchasing a brand new device and bringing it home, carefully unboxing it while admiring the kind of work that went into its design and final production. The iPhone range is a work of art that is a very good example, and it seems as though you should do your level best in order to make sure that your iPhone remains in a pristine condition at all times. Unfortunately, life being life will see scratches, knocks and drops eventually cross paths with your iPhone, which is why a protective case is more or less the first compulsory accessory that one picks up after a new handset purchase. LUNATIK knows how much your new iPhone 6s means to you, which is why they have announced the availability of TAKTIK 360 for iPhone 6/6s.

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R.A.T.1 gaming mouse holds its own against the competition

by Edwin - on November 29, 2015

mad-catz-RAT1Gamers are a pampered lot, and they will do all that is within their power – financially or otherwise, to make sure that they have an edge over their opponent. In terms of making sure one’s finances give them an edge, I am not referring to bribing competition officials, but rather, to use that money to pick up the best gaming peripherals that their hard earned cash can buy. Of course, while there are many different kinds of gaming mice to choose from like the Tesoro Gungir Optical gaming mouse, some folks prefer to stick to a particular brand, and if Mad Catz products have served you well in the past, why not consider picking up the latest R.A.T.1?

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Death Star Giant Paper Lantern

by Edwin - on November 28, 2015

death_star_giant_paper_lanternThe massive Death Star, a floating weapon of mass destruction, is a symbol of awe and power for those who lived during the rule of the tyrant Emperor Palpatine. It has also proven itself worthy to incarnate into various merchandise over the years, including an inflatable ball which will at best, knock down a poorly constructed sand castle, but this time around we have something that is way weaker in terms of its structural integrity – that of the $39.99 Death Star Giant Paper Lantern.

This Death Star Giant Paper Lantern will still be able to induce a sense of awe and wonder, although it will have more to do with the lighting and ambiance that it creates than a sheer powerful laser that can destroy an entire planet with but a single blast. This 24″ sphere floor lamp comes with an in-line on/off foot toggle (too bad one cannot use the Force to manipulate it), and happens to be a ThinkGeek exclusive as well as an officially licensed piece of Star Wars merchandise. Some assembly is required, where it uses a 40 Watt max incandescent or 13-watt CFL bulb with standard base. You’d best not let any cats get near this, or it would most probably end up in tatters.

LG showcases world’s largest OLED display

by Edwin - on November 28, 2015

lg-largest-oled-displayFlat screen displays for the home have improved by leaps and bounds ever since the jump to LCD TVs were made compared to the fat and chunky CRTs. Having said that, we have definitely moved on from that of a LCD TV to plasmas at one time, followed by LEDs and now, OLED TVs, curved or otherwise. LG continues to showcase their expertise and flex their muscles in the world of displays by showing off what they have called the world’s largest OLED display. This amazing wonder is a one-of-a-kind signage that has been installed at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea, in order to introduce the millions of travellers that pass through its terminals each year to the magic of OLED.

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Lucis portable LED lamp is no slouch

by Edwin - on November 28, 2015

lucisHaving a well lighted home is always more than a welcome gesture, taking into consideration how lighting does play a very vital role in determining the mood or ambiance of a particular place. As we strive to be a more energy efficient society, it makes perfect sense then to ensure that our lighting options too, are energy efficient. Meet Lucis, which is a powerful yet portable LED lamp that will boast the ability of displaying more than 16 million colors.

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These realistic Wood Decals make consoles look classy

by Caitlyn - on November 27, 2015

Gaming Console Wooden Decals

If you like having a specific aesthetic in mind for your interior decorating, it’s hard to not try and make everything fit into your vision. If you’re wanting a cabin in the woods feel and you live in a big city, it’s going to be hard to find the cozy, cluttered theme that you like without going out of your way. If you at least want a bit of the visual warmth that wood can bring, then why not go for the decal route?

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The Global Nomad Convertible Backpack changes with the times

by Caitlyn - on November 27, 2015

Global Nomad Backpack

When life is tossing you from one crazy scenario to the next, you have to adjust what you’re carrying and how. You don’t want to walk from class with your backpack on and waltz into a business meeting as it seems out of place. Neither would you want to use a messenger bag in that case. If you’re taking classes, working, traveling, and more, then you need a bag that can keep up with every scenario. Just like this camera strap that changes for whatever shooting situation you’re in, you want to be able to adapt to fit the time and place for all the different things life throws at you.

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