The Pointie is a marker that means serious business

by Caitlyn - on February 27, 2015

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. There are times when our inner pacifist, who wants love and peace for the world, goes flying out the window. This is normally when we’re in a situation that is fight or flight, where your life might actually be on the line based on how you react. This can be dealing with a wild animal while camping, someone trying to mug you, or getting lost and needing to get hold of your own food by way of the land.

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The Bead Bracelet Lightning Cable merges fashion and function

by Caitlyn - on February 27, 2015

Bead Lightning Charger Bracelet

As the years press on, it’s becoming more and more apparent that we will eventually integrate fully with our technology. We can move faster, be stronger, see better, and a whole mess of other awesome things when combined with gadgets and gizmos. While it will still be a little while before we have to bow down before robot overlords, we can embrace the cute and fashionable side of technology…for now.

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Kicker Tabor Bluetooth Wireless Headphones helps you live an untethered lifestyle

by Edwin - on February 27, 2015

kicker-tabor-wireless-headphonesWhich do you think is easier – to live out a paperless lifestyle, or to take the wireless route? I would say that the latter is a whole lot more doable, so to speak, as there are just some things in life that will still require paper and the relevant amount of documentation in order to “work”. Well, having said that, if you have long lusted after a pair of wireless headphones, but never really managed to get down to picking one up just because there are so many units out there, how about the $129.99 Kicker Tabor Bluetooth Wireless Headphones? This particular pair of wireless headphones is currently on sale, so it would be good for those who are working with a tight budget.

The Kicker Tabor Bluetooth Wireless Headphones will feature luxurious pads that deliver phenomenal sound, where a single 2.5 hour battery charge is capable of delivering up to 10 hours of use. While it might use Bluetooth connectivity most of the time, what happens when you are traveling on a bus or on a plane, and would like to use this instead of the generic pair of headphones that they supply? Fret not, there are cords included just for those moment. The Kicker Tabor Bluetooth Wireless Headphones will boast of ergonomically-designed controls and a microphone for easy music control and hands-free calling.

Rolling Vertical Garden spruces up your home without taking up much space

by Edwin - on February 27, 2015

rolling-vertical-gardenIf there is one thing that is a mainstay in cities, it would be this – since the population in the area continues to expand, and the amount of land gets more and more scarce, there is only one direction in which buildings are able to be built – upwards. I suppose those of us who grew up in a vast expanse of land, would have missed having a garden around – something which is just not possible if you happen to reside in a cramped apartment. Thankfully, there is always creative thinking involved with the folks over at Hammacher, hence the $179.95 Rolling Vertical Garden.

The name itself says it all – this happens to be the vertical garden that displays five planters in a mere 4′ sq. of outdoor space, where it will also be set on casters in order to provide easy relocation. The Rolling Vertical Garden is ideal for use in balconies or small patios and decks, where the garden’s 60″ vertical post is capable of supporting a pair of large and a trio of small pots which you can make use of for growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers. The pots can be detached easily for convenient planting, and hooked into place at staggered heights in order to maximize sun exposure. Boasting of an attractive terra cotta appearance, the planters are made out of UV-resistant and lightweight plastic.

LG’s OLED and LED 4K ULTRA HD TVs hit the US

by Edwin - on February 27, 2015

lg-uf9500They say that good things come to those who wait – well, I am quite sure that many of us living in the US would have been floored by what LG has offered in the past edition of CES, and finally, after close to a couple of months of waiting, both pricing as well as availability for the first of its 2015 4K ULTRA HD (UHD) TV models have been revealed – which means it is time to break the bank account and treat your eyes to a whole new level of TV viewing experience.

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Monohm delivers first anti-smartphone in the world

by Edwin - on February 27, 2015

runcibleSmartphones are pretty much the staple device for many of us – so much so, in fact, that some of us would even carry a couple of smartphones around simply because we are so busy with our work lives. Having said that, what if you would want to take a break from it all, at least for a while so that you can recalibrate your life and celebrate what is truly important, without a traditional looking smartphone (you know, the rectangular block in your pocket or handbag)? Monohm has just announced the creation of Runcible, which is touted to be the first personal device for the post-smartphone era.

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R2-D2 Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure is the most realistic droid to date

by Edwin - on February 26, 2015

r2-d2-scale-figureOver the years, we have seen the most lovable astromech droid of all, R2-D2, appear in a variety of form factors that range from the simple to the complicated, where among them include the cute-as-a-button R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser. Well, this time around, it is serious stuff – there is no horsing around, which is why the $149.99 R2-D2 Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure holds a whole lot of our attention, as it so happens to be one of the most realistic droids revealed to date where R2-D2 is concerned.

The amount of detail involved in this particular action figure is tremendous, where this R2-D2 will arrive complete with a set of tools, not to mention arms and heck – it might not be Force-sensitive, but it still carries a lightsaber! You know, just in case there is a Jedi Master somewhere who was not too careful with their lightsaber and happen to need a spare. The sequencing lights never get tired, and so does its swiveling dome which will boast of a slew of moveable ports and hinged panels. Rolling treads and a retractable third leg would also pave the way for tripedal travel. Special bonus accessories include Ben Kenobi’s round table, Leia’s secret holographic transmission, and a multi-tiered beverage tray. This is an officially-licensed Star Wars action figure, and thankfully, it comes with batteries to help you get started right out of the box.

Da Vinci Auto Coach is an inspiration from the master

by Edwin - on February 26, 2015

da-vinci-autocoachEveryone knows of Leonardo da Vinci – the brilliant thinker who has come up with a whole lot of ideas and actual products that work, not to mention being a true master with the brush as arguably his most famous work, the Mona Lisa, continues to puzzle and inspire people even until today. Well, what we have here is a little bit of da Vinci magic which you can bring home, in the form of the $799.95 Da Vinci Auto Coach, which was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches from 1478 of a self propelled car.

This would be different in a sense, since it is a working auto coach that will pay homage to the polymath’s original design. It has long been considered as the ancestor of the modern car, where da Vinci’s concept mobile moved about using coiled springs which were wound by pulling the vehicle backwards. Similar to its inspiration, the da Vinci auto coach will feature coils that are attached to the rear wheels, and you wind those up by pulling the car backwards. Upon release, the energy will be transferred to the clock-like spur gears in order to drive the auto coach forward for several feet. The entire shebang is made up of 1/8″-thick, laser-cut stainless steel and brass bearings which will be able to generate smooth, elegant movement of the gears, axles, and wheels.

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