The Furoshiki Wrap Shoes fit just right

by Caitlyn - on September 1, 2015

Have you ever gone shoe shopping and been terribly annoyed at how poorly they fit? Some are too wide, narrow, long, or just a tad too short. It’s frustrating to not be able to find the size you need, and it makes you wish you had the money to get a custom pair of shoes. Since no one is made of Benjamins, why not just wrap your shoes around your feet so they fit exactly how you want them to?

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Back to school with some Mushroom Kingdom style

by Caitlyn - on September 1, 2015

Mushroom Backpack

There are very few things to be excited about with going back to school. You get to buy brand new pens and notebooks which hold the promise of knowledge yet to come, but always seem to end up producing more doodles than anything. So far as clothing goes, it is nice to update our wardobe, but the real cherry on top is getting a new backpack.

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Game of Thrones Monopoly brings a new twist to a familiar game

by Edwin - on September 1, 2015

got-monopolyI suppose it can be considered to be a rite of passage for every single child to grow up having played Monopoly at least once. It is a decent game back in the day, where an entire family could gather together, each person taking a token that represents his or her character in the capitalistic game which brings together both the roll of the dice as well as bargaining nous as to who is going to end up making other people bankrupt. Well, there has been many other variations since its early days that do happen to capitalize on the various franchises that have made it big, ranging from Star Wars to Star Trek, and here we are with the £29.99 Game of Thrones Monopoly.

In the Game of Thrones Monopoly, you either win or you die. The premise is the same – you will need to buy, sell and trade your way to the Iron Throne, and Game of Thrones fans will be thrilled to know that there are other infamous locations which have been thrown into the mix such as Craster’s Keep and Kings Landing. The Game of Thrones Monopoly is fully licensed by HBO, and thankfully, it is different from the TV series since killing everyone else will not help you secure victory. What is weird is the lack of contextualization when it comes to Free Parking and a Jail run by a whistle-blowing cop.

Griffin keeps your Apple Watch safe and sound in style

by Edwin - on September 1, 2015

griffin-aw-caseSo, you have decided to take a leap of faith and enter into the world of wearable technology – smartwatches in particular, and since your everyday life is well entrenched in the world of Apple, it would make perfect sense if you were to complement everything else with an Apple device whenever possible. The Apple Watch then, would be the most obvious candidate when it comes to picking up a smartwatch, and Griffin Technology has decided to make sure your pristine new Apple Watch will remain free from scratches and the ilk with a pair of new accessories – namely the Survivor Tactical Case and Ultra Thin Case. The new Survivor Tactical Case will enable users to wear their watch with confidence knowing their investment is protected, whereas the Ultra Thin Case adds easy snap-on color and style to the Apple Watch.

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Samsung Gear S2 debuts

by Edwin - on September 1, 2015

samsung-s2-gearThe world of wearable technology is certainly a thriving one, no doubt about it. After all, it looks like the smartwatch such as the Apple Watch is here to stay, and not only that, grow to achieve even greater heights. In fact, Samsung Electronics have recently announced the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, which happens to be the South Korean company’s most recent offering where the wearables category is concerned. It is not as though Samsung has not made any foray into this particular “department” before though.

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Phiaton PS 202 NC earphones offer peace and quiet for those seeking it

by Edwin - on August 31, 2015

phiatonA pair of earphones or headphones can be a very personal thing – after all, some of us prefer the sports type which will remain in place no matter the kind of vigorous activity which we are involved in, while others are more than happy with a premium pair that while they are not waterproof, let alone sweatproof, they will be able to exude a quality of audio unlike any other your ears have been treated to before. Having said that, there is a myriad of earphones out there to choose from, and it can get rather tricky trying to hunt down the perfect one. With the Phiaton PS 202 NC earphones, this particular set has been specially designed to target the avid traveler, business commuter or just about anyone else who is seeking for a wee bit of peace and quiet.

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Archos Diamond Tab tablet arrives

by Edwin - on August 31, 2015

Archos-Diamond-TabArchos of France did roll out their rather stunning Archos Diamond S smartphone not too long ago last week, and this time around, it looks like they are going to forge forward with a tablet under the Diamond line – and the device will be aptly known as the Archos Diamond Tab, plain and simple. The Archos Diamond Tab also happens to carry the distinction of being the very first octa-core 4G/LTE tablet, which means if you are hooked up with the right carrier and data plan, surfing on this bad boy is not going to be a problem at all, but rather, a real breeze.

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PowerCube ReWirable USB + 4 Travel Plugs makes it a cinch when you travel

by Edwin - on August 31, 2015

powercubeWhenever we travel these days, not only do we need to think about the kind of clothes that we need to pack, we will also have to take into consideration the number of chargers that go into your luggage. After all, there would be at least the tablet and the smartphone charger that you will have to pack, right? How about trying something different this time around – with the $24.99 PowerCube ReWirable USB + 4 Travel Plugs? This is one travel adapter that, shall we say, is a whole lot more adaptable than the normal one.

From the name itself, you will be able to tell that the PowerCube ReWirable USB + 4 Travel Plugs comes with a quartet of electrical sockets as well as a pair of USB sockets, and not only that, there are 4 travel plugs (Types B, E/F, G, and I) to keep it company in order to make sure that this is as universal as it can get. Each of the USB ports are also rated at 2.1A, so you need not have to worry about being unable to power your tablet or devices that require a higher amount of charge. It has also been grounded (1875W) and child-proofed for your protection.

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