The SpaTap turns an old plastic bottle into a portable shower

by Caitlyn - on August 21, 2014

When we go to take a shower, it’s usually not because we’re covered in dirt and grime. We’ve gotten to be very sensitive to smell and minute details. This means our body smell and oil from our hair is often the main cause to bathe. We’re a long way off from living out in the woods, but if we had to be out in the wilderness, chances are you’re going to want to wash off in some way. The only problem being that there isn’t exactly plumbing for the middle of nowhere.

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Sensoria Smart Socks – is that a Fitness Trainer in your Shoe?

by Julie - on August 21, 2014


It seems as though we are inundated with fitness trackers these days, most of them have their own unique twist on what they offer, most have the same kinds of limitations. Of course the idea of wearable technology is relatively new, and as such, new developments are coming in fast and furiously. An example? Check it out… Continue reading » Sensoria Smart Socks – is that a Fitness Trainer in your Shoe?

Geek Chic appeals to the refined nerd

by Caitlyn - on August 21, 2014

Geek Chic Sultan-opened

When it comes to buying furniture, most of us aren’t going to pay too much attention to quality. If it works for our purposes and doesn’t cost much, we’ll be on board. However, if you do have some disposable income and want to have furnishings that you could pass on in the future, you’re going to want something sturdy, beautiful, and useful. If you have enough left over from buying regular things like chairs and bookcases and happen to enjoy tabletop gaming, then a table specifically for your game nights might be in order.

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Verizon introduces the HTC One (M8) for Windows

by Edwin - on August 21, 2014

htc-one-m8-windowsThe HTC One has proven itself to be a worthy flagship device since it rolled out last year, and this year, we have seen even more improvements made to the smartphone, where it was introduced as the HTC One (M8). Picking up a fair number of positive reviews ever since it was released, the HTC One (M8) happened to be an Android powered device. It looks as though HTC has something else up their sleeves, and this would be to deliver a flagship smartphone, for the first time ever in the industry, to come in two different operating system flavors – Android and Windows Phone, with the latter being known as the HTC One (M8) for Windows.

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Sharp AQUOS Crystal smartphone launches in the US

by Edwin - on August 21, 2014

Sharp-AQUOS-CrystalWhen one talks about smartphones over here in the US, the usual suspects would pop up – the iPhone from Apple as well as other Android-powered devices from the likes of Samsung, HTC and LG, while Nokia would ply the trade of Windows Phone, with BlackBerry targeting what’s left of the corporate market with their range of BlackBerry OS devices. However, the name Sharp (which hails from Japan) would rarely, if ever, pop up, although we have seen a few Sharp AQUOS phones in the past before. This time around, we have yet another Sharp AQUOS smartphone hit the US market, and it is a beauty, being known as the Sharp AQUOS Crystal.

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Digital Password Storage Vault takes the burden off your mind

by Edwin - on August 21, 2014

vault-password-keeperOur memories do fail us from time to time, especially when we advance in our age. Of course, this is no excuse when we are inefficient at doing something, since there are always other memory aids that could help us remember the essentials, including a notebook where the traditional pen and paper method would work just right. With the advent of technological advancements, not to mention numerous accounts that require us to have a password that has a combination of alphanumeric characters, it can get overwhelming at times. The $39.99 Digital Password Storage Vault might be able to help you out here then.

Take note that this is not the first password vault of its kind in the world, and chances are it will not be the last, either. With the Digital Password Storage Vault, you will be able to store and protect up to a whopping 3,000 passwords, where it can stash away case-sensitive user names, passwords, web addresses, security questions and answers. You will need to make sure that you remember master password however, so that there will be no unauthorized access. It is powered by a couple of AAA batteries.

Inflatable Howling Haunted House lets you prepare for Halloween early

by Edwin - on August 21, 2014

howling-haunted-houseWhen it comes to inflating various items around the house, surely one would think of something more along the lines of an Inflatable Massage Chair, right? What if we were to set our sights on something that is a whole lot larger, such as the $299.95 Inflatable Howling Haunted House? This is an inflatable 12′-high haunted house which will certainly usher in the spirit of Halloween with aplomb, making your house the coolest one on the block to visit. You will be able to see this house howl, scream, as well as flash its lights whenever there are unsuspecting visitors that pass through its ominous arched doorway.

Fret not about it not making it past a couple of Halloweens, this is no shy and retiring device, since it is made out of durable 75-denier polyester fabric, and the house itself sports a sound sensor which will be able to detect the moment a young child or parent walk under its 72″-high arched portal. Upon detection, the 60 LEDs will flash and change its color from red to green, as its built-in sound chip will play back a 15-second loop of scary sounds. There is a witch that perches on a flaming cauldron right up in front, while a leafless tree will remain seated at the front corner, with a skeleton and black cat peering out of the top windows. To complete the scene, another eight stakes and three ropes will tether the house to the ground.

The Capsule contains a robotic pet you can’t kill

by Caitlyn - on August 20, 2014

The Capsule

Busy lifestyles seem to be all too common. We can’t stop to smell the roses because there are too many things to do. It can be a lonely life working every second of every day, and if you crave some companionship, then you would likely think about getting a pet. Of course, that would mean even more responsibilities in your day for which there is likely not room in your schedule.

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