The Cup of Mojo Speaker is an accident waiting to happen

by Caitlyn - on November 28, 2014

We all want better quality speakers, and it always helps if the sound-boosting device we get is cute. There are more options than can be counted out there which have different shapes, sizes and features. While I understand that coffee is a mainstay for most human beings at this point, it’s probably not the wisest decision to make a speaker that looks like a coffee mug.

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The Lantern wants information to be available for everyone

by Caitlyn - on November 28, 2014


No one can choose what they look like, where they’re born, or where they’re raised. All you can try to do is educate yourself as best you can and try to improve yourself on a daily basis. However, not everyone is given the same privilege in all parts of the world. The Internet has given us the ability to learn a myriad of new things every day, but not every has access to it.

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Snowmobiling Snowman adds some holiday cheer to your front yard

by Edwin - on November 28, 2014

snowmobiling-snowmanThis holiday season, how about adding a little bit of cheer to the mix rather than the usual drab decorations that you are used to? Forget about building your own snowman that looks immobile and stationary – the $169.95 12’ Snowmobiling Snowman is definitely able to get the fun going, where this unique snowman does not melt in the heat, and neither does it require you to sweat it out to build him, since he is inflatable. Yup, you read that right – all you need is the right kind of air pump, and the Snowmobiling Snowman will be up and running in no time at all.

The 12’ Snowmobiling Snowman will be able to greet holiday revelers as it rides a snowmobile, doing so by flashing a welcoming grin right below his carrot nose and black top hat. There will be quartet of interior lights which will provide the snowman and his snowmobile a warm holiday glow, while the red snowmobile body and green runners will definitely do their part to add festive, Christmas colors to your front yard display. Each purchase would come with seven stakes and three tethers in order to keep the display in place, and the entire shebang is made from 100% rip-stop, waterproof polyester fabric that ought to provide up to years of use.

Critical Hit Dreidel lets you live out your random life in style

by Edwin - on November 28, 2014

critical-hit-dreidelIf you like to live a life of randomness, then you would definitely be able to enjoy a session at the casino. After all, it is all in the throw of the dice that might just determine your fate as to whether you would walk out of the casino a very, very rich person, or have just blown away all of your life savings in one go. Well, for other situations where there are four different options presented to you, and you are at a loss as to which one to pick from, why not let fate decide for you – not through a four sided dice, but rather, through this $9.99 Critical Hit Dreidel?

Do bear in mind that this happens to be a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, which means you are unable to find it anywhere else. It would function as a light-up Critical Hit Dreidel, where it will flash whenever it lands on gimel. Should you have ever spun a d4 or d10 like a top, then you would definitely figure it all out as to what caused this idea to come into existence. This is as geeky as it gets for a Hanukkah/Chanukah gift, and will be powered by a single 3V CR2031 button cell battery which unfortunately, is not replaceable at all.

XOO Belt delivers a charge to your gizmos

by Edwin - on November 28, 2014

xoo-beltNifty, a hardware startup from the UK managed to conquer new heights by breaking Kickstarter records via its Nifty MiniDrive a couple of years ago, and they have just announced their very first product under the wearable tech line known as XOO – which would be the XOO Belt. The XOO Belt happens to be a belt that was specially designed not only to hold your pants up when you have some inches of space to spare in them, it is also full well capable of juicing up your smartphone. This particularly unique belt was designed alongside the assistance of iconic London fashion house, Casely-Hayford.

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Nextbook E FUN tablet runs on Windows 8.1

by Edwin - on November 28, 2014

nextbook-efunWhat do you use your tablet for most of the time? Is it for work, or do you happen to make use of it for a more leisurely purpose? Those who tend to make use of it for work would more often than not have a connected Bluetooth keyboard, or a keyboard folio case of sorts so that they can type documents out at a far faster rate compared to making use of the regular virtual keyboard. Having said that, it might be more common to make use of a tablet as a portable entertainment device, and the Nextbook 8″ tablet with Windows 8.1 from E FUN happens to be worth checking out since you do not need to break the bank at $99 a pop.

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Green Starts Here announces the ShowerSaver

by Edwin - on November 27, 2014

showersaverThe earth does have limited resources, but this does not mean it doesn’t have the capability to sustain all of us – close to 7 billion people, and growing. However, it would require careful management of the existing resources, as well as maximizing what we already have right now. Every little bit counts, and this would include making sure we use water as sparingly as possible. After all, fresh water is extremely limited in quantity compared to sea water, and you aren’t going to bathe using sea water, are you? Green Starts Here hopes to help kick in some sense of water savings with the ShowerSaver, which is a monitoring device that one would use in the shower so that the user can gain access to real-time information concerning their shower duration and water consumption.

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NYNE introduces the Aqua waterproof speaker

by Edwin - on November 27, 2014

nyne-aquaLet’s face the facts – even smartphones these days are starting to jump aboard the waterproof bandwagon, which goes to show just how technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, so much so that you now no longer need to worry about wrapping up your smartphone in a piece of plastic, or place it in a Ziploc bag whenever you head out for the great outdoors just in case it rains, or if you’re about to embark on a whitewater rafting adventure. Well, smartphones being smartphones, do have media playback features, and most of the time, their speakers are not all that powerful, which is why when it comes to sharing your favorite tunes with others, a portable speaker would come in handy. Why not take the waterproof route as well to complement your waterproof smartphone? NYNE might have just the thing for you with the Aqua waterproof speaker.

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