The H2O Vibe Showerhead Speaker – clean up, jam out

by Caitlyn - on May 29, 2015

There are two types of people who take showers. Some like to take the time to think about the coming day and all they’ll need to do, and others rock out to tunes, singing loudly enough for their neighbors to hear. Most of the time we just rely on our smartphones as a speaker, but it’s always on the other side of the shower curtain, and sounds muffled.

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The Furtif Evercut Knives are sleek and sharp

by Caitlyn - on May 29, 2015

Furtif Evercut knives

While it’s nice to have sharp knives in the kitchen, many of us forget to sharpen our cutlery more often than not. Dull knives hurt more people per year than sharp ones do since we put more pressure into cutting, which leads to slipping. Of course, there are some knives that aren’t very good, and need lots of sharpening rather frequently.

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The Sensor Wake uses pleasant scents to wake you up, pleasantly

by Caitlyn - on May 29, 2015

Sensor Wake

Getting up in the morning is not our favorite thing ever. We usually don’t get enough sleep, and are always groggy when the blaring buzzer begins to sound. If you’re tired of being ripped from peaceful slumber by loud sounds or light, then maybe you should opt for a different method of being woken up. If sight, sound, or vibrating smartwatches aren’t your favorite wake up calls, then it might be better to go for something that will affect your sense of smell.

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This Upright Bike Stand saves space in your place

by Caitlyn - on May 29, 2015

Upright Bike Rack

When you live in a smaller space and have to store your bike inside, it can be a pain to have it leaning against a wall. It’s long, sticks out, and you will most certainly get it caught on something at least once when trying to move it. It would be better to mount it to the wall, but if you’re living in a rented space, you don’t want to drill holes and put in hardware that you’ll only have to refill and remove later.

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Griffin Technology makes Premium Charge/Sync Cables with Lightning connector available

by Edwin - on May 29, 2015

griffin-PremiumLightningCableWhile we are more or less moving in the right direction where wireless technology is concerned, there is still value in terms of being tethered to a particular device. For instance, Griffin Technology has just announced that they will be making their Premium Charge/Sync Cables with Lightning connector available to the masses, and what makes this particular offering so special from the rest that are in the market? Well, it will be the easy-connecting reversible USB which can be plugged – without having you to guess and make the right orientation in the first place. Surely this is one of the better advancements where USB connectivity is concerned, especially when your USB port remains located at the back of a desktop chassis, and it is way too inconvenient to actually evict the entire family of dust bunnies and fumble your way through.

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SOUL Electronics reveal the Pulse earbuds

by Edwin - on May 29, 2015

soul-electronics-pulseWhen it comes to having a good pair of earphones, you would first need to sit down and consider just which particular situation are you going to listen to your music or audio book in – is it while you are relaxing in the comfort of your own home, or when you are busy pounding the pavement in an attempt to gain a permanent victory over the battle of the bulge? Regardless, SOUL Electronics has got your back covered, and this time around they have revealed the all new Pulse earbuds.

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Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer makes life easier this summer

by Edwin - on May 29, 2015

cordless-long-reach-hedge-trimmerWhile you are done with your spring cleaning, and would like to continue sprucing up the home this coming summer by trimming whatever hedges there are in the vicinity, perhaps it is time to revisit your toolshed and see whether there are actually improvements that can be made in order to make life more efficient down the road. Now, since everything is more or less taking the wireless route, it would then make plenty of sense to work with the $229.95 Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer.

For starters, this cordless hedge trimmer will be able to prune unsightly hedges that are up to 10′ tall as you remain safely rooted on the ground, without having to perform any kind of balancing act – making it the ideal tool for those who feel that they are catching on in age and would like to be more careful with where they tread. The shaft on this device can be adjusted telescopically, where it will then lock in place at any length up to 10′ long, while it has a head that tilts 135° for easy trimming of hedges of nearly any shape or size.

Being wireless also has another major advantage around the home – you do not have to worry about tripping over this particular tool since there are no extension cords to work with. It will instead run on a rechargeable 18-volt lithium-ion battery that delivers optimal freedom of movement, where the 16.5″-long blade with 41 teeth that are spaced 0.67″ apart and is capable of generating 2,100 strokes per minute lets it cut through branches that are up to 5/8″ thick, needles, and leaves, in a jiffy. A full charge would allow up to an hour and fifteen minutes’ worth of hedge trimming.

Blizzard World of Warcraft Leveling Up Ding Button

by Edwin - on May 28, 2015

wow-ding-buttonWhen it comes to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, you can be sure that there is no shortage of gaming accessories that claim to be able to increase your performance – such as SteelSeries and their Legendary Edition MMO gaming mouse. Well, here is a little something that is exclusively available from Thinkgeek only, and those who do not indulge in the wonders of World of Warcraft will most probably give it a miss, which means only serious fans need to apply. With the $14.99 Leveling Up Ding Button, you can ding whenever you want – and how many times you would like to, too.

Of course, you can always have fantasies about leveling up as fast as possible, but that just does not work in the game in real life. There is just something that is visceral and satisfying about the Leveling Up Ding Button, where you can ding it with you all the time. Pushing it will no doubt unleash the classic MMORPG level-up congratulatory ding, and you can ding your way through birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. It will run on a pair of AAA 1.5V LR03 batteries, so keep some spares handy just in case.

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