Heart Charger is one cute iPhone Charging Cable

by Edwin - on February 7, 2016

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – do you happen to have some sort of gift idea for your other half? If you shook your head to the left and right a few times, then you might want to check out the $10.49 Heart Charger iPhone charging cable out as it might be a potential lifesaver. Since you just gave your other half an iPhone 6 last Christmas, why not complete the gift with the Heart Charger?

As its name implies, this is a charging cable with festive LED lights that will play nice with the iPhone 5 and newer – and that would include the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus – and who are we to say that the iPhone 7 down the road will also not be compatible? Powered by a standard USB socket, the Heart Charger will feature 8 hearts with LED lights cast a pink glow, where one end plugs into your USB port, and the other would end up in your handset’s Lightning port, looking as cute as a button.

Sony announces α6300 mirrorless camera

by Edwin - on February 7, 2016

sony-a6300The days of mirrorless cameras are here to stay, that is for sure. After all, they do a fantastic job of capturing great looking photos without being big and bulky like those DSLRs. Among the several notable names of mirrorless cameras, Sony is one of them, and their latest α6300 mirrorless camera will boast of an unrivaled 4D FOCUS system which is able to lock focus on a subject – taking as little as 0.05 seconds to do so, too, making it the world’s fastest AF acquisition time. What else is there underneath the hood? Let us check it out after the jump.

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M25 brings together speaker and headphone design in a single package

by Edwin - on February 6, 2016

music-wrapHave you heard of Music Wrap before? Chances are the answer would be in the negative. Music Wrap is, after all, an innovative start-up in the music experience industry, where they have just made an announcement concerning their most recent product known as the M25, and it will hopefully be made available to the masses should the crowdfunding project be a success. Those who are interested can pick it up for $69.99 when it becomes available, although limited early bird rewards will make it available for as low as $35.

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The Hydra Cup Dual Shaker – why bring two shakers when you only need one?

by Caitlyn - on February 5, 2016

Hydra Cup Dual Shaker

When you first start going to the gym, you have to work your way up from the very bottom in terms of weight and endurance. Getting past the judgment you think everyone is throwing at you and not getting down on yourself are oftentimes harder aspects than the workout itself. Once you get into a rhythm of going regularly, you start to figure out ways of making the whole process easier for yourself not only mentally, but physically as well.

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These Dexshell Waterproof Socks make outdoor activities more fun

by Caitlyn - on February 5, 2016

DexShell Waterproof Socks

When you played outside as a little kid, you didn’t care if you came back covered in mud or soaking wet. Growing up made us care a bit more, but only because we have to do our own laundry, buy new shoes if we destroy them by stepping in a creek or running while it’s raining, and having prune feet is the worst. If you know that you are going to be outside a lot with too many chances for stepping in water, then you’ll want to protect your feet from getting soaked.

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LifeProof NÜÜD arrives for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

by Edwin - on February 5, 2016

lifeproof-nuudIt is one thing to own a brand new iPhone, but it is another altogether to make sure that your spanking new iPhone is protected from the usual suspects – knocks and drops, although advancements in technology has also led to a greater degree of protection for your mobile communications device in the form of waterproofing and the like. LifeProof NÜÜD happens to be a name that many of us are familiar with, as this is one brand which offers protective solutions for your mobile devices, and their latest products include the Lifeproof NÜÜD for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

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Free Use Of Samsung Smartphones For Selected Tourists To Korea

by Edwin - on February 5, 2016

korea-phoneSouth Korea happens to be the home country of two major consumer electronics behemoths – LG and Samsung, and the country also boasts of having the highest number of Internet-connected users per capita of any large nation. SK Telecom happens to be one major wireless telecommunications providers in South Korea, and they will work alongside the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) as well as Samsung Electronics Co. in order to deliver promises in the “Enjoy Mobile Korea” program. This “Enjoy Mobile Korea” program will see Samsung smartphones being lent out to tourists for free, now how about that?

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Darth Vader Briefcase – because even he needs to get organized

by Edwin - on February 5, 2016

vader-briefcaseLet’s just say that you happen to be Darth Vader, and wished that your son could be at your side to rule the galaxy. Surely for a man in such a position of prominence and power, you would have to attend a fair number of meetings, as a megalomaniac like you would loathe to relinquish the day-to-day decisions in running the Empire to mere mortals in your sight, right? Hence, it is imperative that you carry a briefcase to store all of the meeting notes and the ilk, and what better way to do so than with the menacing looking $99.99 Darth Vader Briefcase?

This is one briefcase that Darth Vader would do well to tote with him wherever he goes, as it carries all visual cues as to who it belongs to. For instance, the top handle has been shaped to resemble that of Vader’s lightsaber hilt, while a padded sleeve for your tablet or laptop offers additional protection – as long as those laptops will not be larger than 17″ in size. This officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise also has a removable shoulder strap with pad that can adjust itself from 12″ to 23″ drop, while Vader’s helmet and Star Wars logo are debossed at the front. Too bad this is not going to mix it up with some pleasure like the BBQ Briefcase.

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