Pyle Audio reveals the PBPK42 5-in-1 Car Jump Start Emergency System and Power Bank

by Edwin - on December 21, 2014

When it comes to car problems that crop up without you realizing it, there are none worse than a blown radiator – at least you can replace a punctured tire, am I right? However, to have your car battery die after returning to it from your holiday with your ride parked in a long term parking lot can be quite a bummer, too, especially when you are just too tired out from all of that traveling, that you really only want to go home as soon as possible. Pyle Audio might just have a solution for frequent travelers who worry about your vehicle’s battery being flat after a while – and that solution arrives in the form of the PBPK42, which so happens to be a 5-in-1 car jump starter and power bank.

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JINS MEME to arrive in the US next year

by Edwin - on December 21, 2014

jins-memeI am sure that many people are making the relevant preparations when it comes to this year’s Christmas celebrations, where there are just a few more days left to go before it all culminates this December 25th. Having said that, JINS, an eyewear company that is based in Tokyo, has just announced that it intends to deliver JINS MEME, which happens to be a brand new class of smart eyewear, to the U.S. market some time next year. This particular move is a strategic one, where it intends to expand the company’s reach to countries that are outside of Asia.

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Spacewalking Astronaut does not go very far up

by Edwin - on December 20, 2014

spacewalking-astronautBeing in space certainly sounds like a very cool idea, that is for sure. However, it does take a very special kind of person to qualify for being an astronaut – one needs to be extremely fit, not to mention have the mental strength and calmness of mind and body to be able to make the long trip to and fro, in addition to sharing such a cramped living space up there above the earth on board a space station with others in zero gravity environment. Having said that, you might want to simulate your very own spacewalk using your imagination with the $29.95 Spacewalking Astronaut.

The Spacewalking Astronaut is a remote controlled astronaut who is propelled by twin rotors, making him useful for safe indoor flight. There will be a pair of diode lights located in the rocket backpack that offers the illusion that this spaceman is controlling his weightless wandering all by himself, but in reality, there is a rechargeable battery that lasts for a good 10 minutes of airborne wanderlust. It will require 20 minutes for a full charge from zero, and the two-channel infrared remote runs on eight AA batteries. I don’t suppose you can call this one of the cuter looking drones out there, can we?

Impossible SX-70 Folding Black Sonar Camera rolls back the years

by Edwin - on December 20, 2014

sx-70-foldinDo you like to go retro when it comes to the world of gadgets, just like you do where fashion is concerned? If you have answered in the affirmative, then it would bode you well to check out the $319.99 Impossible SX-70 Folding Black Sonar Camera. This is a refurbished SX-70 Black Sonar camera, where it will come with manual focus (take that, all of those who want nothing but automated devices in this day and age!) with a wheel, with the option for autofocus via sonar. Apart from that, it will also be compatible with SX-70 film alongside 600-type film whenever it makes use of an ND filter.

This is certainly the ideal tool to have when it comes to introducing the younger generation to what we call a Polaroid camera, or instant photographs. After all, before the digital camera revolution came about, the instant photograph was truly a wonder to behold, and Polaroids were the ones to make it popular, as there was no longer any need to head to a dark room to develop your photos. The Impossible SX-70 Folding Black Sonar Camera might be refurbished, but it is as good as new, offering shutter speeds from >5 sec to 1/180 with an aperture of f/8f/90.

The Magnetic Wristband is a lifesaver for creators and crafters

by Caitlyn - on December 19, 2014

The Magnetic Wristband

If you’ve ever tried to sew, do handyman work, or tinker on pretty much anything, there are going to be some metal bits and bobs you’ll need to keep track of. Whether it’s needles, screws, bobby pins, washers, or some other tiny piece, they are integral to keeping everything together. However, until they are in place it’s hard to keep a handful of them on you while you’re working. Even if you have a utility belt with pockets to hold them, tilting at just the right angle might have them spilling onto the floor.

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The Camera Cooler Bag keeps you locked, loaded, and ready for lunch

by Caitlyn - on December 19, 2014


When you’re going out for a shoot, you should know to bring some sort of snack with you. What was only going to be a few hours snapping photos can quickly turn into eight hours of constantly contorting yourself for the perfect angle. It’s enough to make anyone hungry, and it’s better to be prepared than still being an hour walking distance from where you parked and starving.

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Secret Spy UFO is but an ordinary drone

by Edwin - on December 19, 2014

secret-spy-ufoDrones – they seem to be the new buzzword when it comes to a remote control toy. After all, back in the 1980s, remote control toys were limited to racing cars, and that was it, although at times, there were robots that moved in an automated manner, changing its direction whenever it bumped into an obstacle, with flashing lights and a head that moves to the left and right to boot. Having said that, society is a whole lot more complicated these days, and hence, something so simple is not going to make the cut anymore. This time around, the $129.95 Secret Spy UFO ups the ante, where it is actually a drone that comes in the form of a UFO, sporting an integrated spy camera that allows you to shoot videos and capture photos mid-air.

There will be a quartet of helicopter rotors located atop a UFO body, where this maneuverable craft is capable of running your very own covert operation, including ascent and descent; left, right, forward and backward movement; hovering; flying sideways and even end-over-end, mid-air tumbling – it seems to be able to do it all. The remote has a button that would enable the digital camera to capture up to 8,000 pictures, or record up to seven minutes of 1024 x 768 resolution video, thanks to the built-in 2GB internal memory. You can access those photos and videos later on via the USB port, where the Secret Spy UFO will have a 150′ range and juices up in an hour, while the remote will run on half a dozen AA batteries.

Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit is a refurbished shooter

by Edwin - on December 19, 2014

polaroid-one-step-flashWhen we talk about cameras these days, you can be sure that all of the conversation will be centered on the digital format – there will be no more of such discussions concerning the film format, at least not like in the days of our fathers and grandfathers. Well, if you would like to experience what it was like in the past, perhaps you can always take a peek with the $139.99 Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit.

The Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit will come with an integrated flash, fixed focus ability and an electronic shutter, with this being a refurbished 600-type camera. Apart from that, this also means that it will be compatible with all 600-type film. Kudos to members of The Impossible Project who purchased the last Polaroid production plant in the world so that they can continue to roll out new film products for the thousands of Polaroid cameras that are still being used outside. For those who do not have a Polaroid camera, the Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit gives you a chance to be part of the past, where it comprises of a couple of PX 600 Color film packs and a single refurbished 600-type camera, which is either the 640 or the all-black One Step Flash.

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