The Wallet Ninja is a credit card multi-tool for sticky situations

by Caitlyn - on September 1, 2014

There are days when life wants to throw us a curve ball, and it’s always something we never expect coming out of nowhere. Usually you can recover from this sort of thing relatively easily, but it will knock you off-balance. Of course, there are also days where life fancies pelting us with rocks. This is the day that everything breaks, explodes, and just plain goes wrong. Most people aren’t going to carry every tool in the garage on them, however, it would be nice if we could shrink down those tools and bring them with us.

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Archos 101 Oxygen tablet offers yet another Android option

by Edwin - on September 1, 2014

ARCHOS-101-OxygenWhen it comes to tablets, French company Archos is certainly not a newbie in this department, although one is unable to rank them in the same vein as that of South Korean conglomerate Samsung. Still, some of Archos’ tablets in the past like the Archos 70 Internet tablet has proven to be an interesting attraction, but time does fly, and here we are with the Archos 101 Oxygen tablet that will rock to the Android platform.

Archos intends to change the way one experiences an Android-powered tablet through the merging of power, features and design. The Archos 101 Oxygen tablet will run on a quad-core ARM Cortex A17 processor, where it will be accompanied by 1.5GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory. In other words, the Archos 101 Oxygen tablet packs enough processing firepower underneath the hood to be able to handle all of the normal apps and online activities, such as chatting via an IM to sending emails, updating social network statuses, and catching up on your online news, without being too bulky that you are unable to carry it in a purse.

The Archos 101 Oxygen tablet will arrive next month for $249 a pop.

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Archos 50b Platinum smartphone offers versatility without breaking the bomb

by Edwin - on September 1, 2014

archos50bWhen it comes to the world of smartphones, there are dime a dozen models out there in the market. However, if you are short on time to read up on all of the relevant reviews in the past, and would like a swift recommendation, perhaps the Archos 50b Platinum could prove to be quite the winner here. After all, surely one would not expect too much from a $149 handset, but the Archos 50b Platinum is a bag of surprises!

This latest smartphone from the French device manufacturer will run on a quad-core processor, and will sport an extremely bright 5” IPS display that comes in handy at all times – especially if you tend to be outdoors a whole lot, as the brightness would somewhat combat the glare from the sun. Want to separate your work life from your private life? Not a problem, thanks to dual SIM support thrown into the mix. Not only that, its 8MP camera at the back offers Full HD video recording capability and autofocus, while the 2MP front-facing camera will also sport a built in LED flash that comes in handy during low light conditions.

As for its memory, you can swap out 8GB microSD memory cards from time to time to keep things fresh. Expect the Archos 50b Platinum to arrive later this month with Android 4.4 KitKat in tow as the mobile operating system of choice if you are interested.

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RC Car To Missile Launching Robot offers more than the usual serving

by Edwin - on September 1, 2014

rc-robot-carI do wonder how many of us are excited with any more Transformers movies that movie studios have lined up in the future – surely the fast paced action of transforming robots into vehicles that is too much of a blur for us to appreciate properly, even in an IMAX cinema, is a fad that has long overstayed its welcome? Who knows, really, as some others might still be as enthralled with the Transformers franchise today as they were a couple of decades ago back when they were just wee lads. Having said that, your child might be clamoring for a Transformers toy from Hasbro, but you decided to take the road less traveled with the $89.95 RC Car To Missile Launching Robot.

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Ch’ Air Inflatable Seat Cushion ensures your tush gets a comfortable place to sit on

by Edwin - on September 1, 2014

ch-airIf you happen to be a regular office drone, then I am quite sure that you do know the importance of having the right kind of computer peripherals to go along with your desktop – including a monitor that is easy on the eyes even after you have spent a few hours sitting in front of it directly, not to mention an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to make sure that your hands will not suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome too soon into your desk-bound career. Having said that, you might want to consider taking a closer look at the kind of chair you would be using, as that too, plays quite a significant factor in the long run of things. Assuming your boss or immediate superior does not see the need to get you one of these comfortable , posture correcting chairs that can cost quite a bomb, you might want to literally take things into your own hands with the $29.99 Ch’ Air Inflatable Seat Cushion.

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Samsung rolls out first TV-matching curved soundbar in the world

by Edwin - on August 31, 2014

samsung-curved-soundbarSamsung has rolled out its fair share of consumer electronics devices to date, ranging from home appliances to smartphones and wearable technology. This time around, it would be a particular device that is slightly off the beaten track, so to speak, as it comes in the form of Samsung’s HW-H7500/H7501. The Samsung HW-H7500/H7501 happens to be the world’s first TV-matching curved soundbar, where it will be released at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany, next week.

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Braven 705 speakers delivers superb audio in plenty of colors

by Edwin - on August 31, 2014

braven705When it comes to the world of speakers, there are so many different kinds of models to choose from, and for the uninitiated, it can get pretty difficult to find out just which particular model to pick up. Braven is another name that has its fair share of speaker models for the masses, and this time around, there is the Braven 705 speakers that delivers an outstanding combination of High Definition audio, striking design, and colorful personality.

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PuppyCat Talking Plush blurs the line ‘tween a dog and a cat

by Edwin - on August 30, 2014

puppycat_talking_plushOver the few years, we have seen our fair share of talking plush toys – and they have always provided the recipient with a time of enjoyment, make no mistake about it. In fact, some science fiction series such as Doctor Who has also offered a talking plush of its own before that arrived in the form of the K-9 Talking Plush. What we have here is something that would definitely leave us scratching our heads in unison – is it a dog, or a cat, or both? You go figure yourself with the $24.99 PuppyCat Talking Plush.

Yes, the name itself is bound to raise questions, but after spending some time with this talking plush that comes with an actual metal bell, you might not be too bothered about just what kind of plush animal this is, and cuddle up with it every night before you sleep. Squeeze his ear, and your PuppyCat Talking Plush will start to say or sing one of two phrases. As to exactly what kind of words are being “spoken”, that remains to be interpreted, so it would be best to make use of your imagination in this manner. This is an officially licensed Bee and PuppyCat plush, where it is made out of 100% polyester with a real metal bell. Unfortunately, the internal batteries are non-replaceable, so it will end up mute one of these days.

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