The FOBO – smart tire pressure monitoring system

by Caitlyn - on September 4, 2015

Sometimes we neglect the smallest things that can create huge problems for us down the road, quite literally. If we’re honest, most of us don’t know a single thing about cars aside from how to put gas in the tank and how to put air in the tires. If you don’t make sure your tires are equipped to deal with changing weather and keep them inflated, you can have a tire pop, deflate, or leak slowly but surely until you’ll need a spare.

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The Kangaroo Jacket lets you snuggle your tiny tot in the winter

by Caitlyn - on September 4, 2015

Kangaroo Jacket

If it’s cold outside and you’re a parental unit for a baby, you need to go to extra lengths to make sure they stay warm. This is especially the case for times of the year when simply breathing the air outside can hurt your lungs. You want to keep them as close as possible so they can rely on your body heat, and their fidgeting will let you know when they’re starting to get fussy, but it is mandatory that you keep all of their appendages covered unless you want to deal with frostbite or a cold.

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Sphero BB-8 makes Star Wars fans drool all over

by Edwin - on September 4, 2015

sphero-bb8If there was one particular droid that certainly captured the imagination of many throughout the first two Star Wars trilogies, it would be the dynamic duo of R2-D2 and C3PO. The thing is, the former is a whole lot more useful than the latter, as good ol’ Artoo always managed to get out of a tight spot, not to mention has helped in his own way to overthrow the evil Emperor, too, being a vital cog in the Rebellion’s machinery. Well, it looks like R2-D2 is going to have a decent fight at least in terms of popularity with the BB-8 droid that popped up during the Star Wars Episode VII trailer, rolling along the desert dunes. The £129.99 Sphero BB-8 might very well be the droid that you have been waiting for.

In fact, the Sphero BB-8 is more than a toy, as it can be your companion. This is an app-enabled droid (much like the other Sphero offerings of yore) that shows off a revolutionary range of expressions, and you will also be able to guide BB-8’s authentic movements with your tablet, smartphone or voice. Not only that, you will also be able to come up with and view virtual holographic videos, now how about that? The BB-8 also has a mind of its own, so if you spend enough time with it, you will be able to check out just how his personality evolves.

LG Rolly Keyboard offers a portable option for typing

by Edwin - on September 4, 2015

lg-rolly-keyboardThe mobile accessories market is a large one – and of course, it needs not be stressed that it is also a fast growing one at that. In fact, LG of South Korea intends to penetrate more into this particular market by introducing the industry’s very first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard, where it debuted at IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany. Known as the LG Rolly Keyboard, it will be very different from all of the other portable or wireless keyboards that are in the market, since LG’s Rolly Keyboard (also called by its model number KBB-700) is capable of folding up along the four rows, resulting in an easy-to-carry “stick” that is more than capable of fitting into one’s pocket as easily as any purse or briefcase.

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Marshall reveals the Stockwell travel speaker

by Edwin - on September 4, 2015

marshall-stockwellWhenever one travels, there would be a need to keep oneself occupied. Of course, the other alternative would be to sleep, but that would be missing out on the sights and sounds of the journey. Some of us would keep ourselves occupied with a good book, while others might prefer to watch a movie, although I am quite sure that other than sleep, the other common denominator would be to listen to music. Now, one’s musical tastes can be very personal, as it differs from one person to the next. The thing is, a pair of headphones is often the medium of choice for you to listen to your favorite tunes, but there are times when a travel speaker is required – which is where you will need to scout around and see whether there is anything suitable out there. Marshall knows this, which is why they have just announced their new Stockwell travel speaker that looks to be a decent candidate for general needs.

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The FireSleeve is a lighter koozie that could help keep you alive

by Caitlyn - on September 3, 2015

Exotac FireSleeve

If you’ve ever played a survival game, you know that it’s mandatory to have access to fire. Gather up the necessary pieces and boom, you have heat and light in-game in no time at all. In a real life situation, it’s not such an easy task. If most of us from this day and age were lost in the woods, we wouldn’t know what to do without a lighter.

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The SipCaddy makes your bath time even more relaxing

by Caitlyn - on September 3, 2015


What do you think about when you’re taking a bath? It’s said that we often do our best thinking in the shower, but a bath is a completely different story. We use that time to relax, and soak away the aches and pains of daily life. Most of the time it’s just unwinding, and taking a moment to realize that you don’t have to work every second of every day, but sometimes it’s hard to make yourself relax.

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Star Wars Paper Toys leaves you wanting for more

by Edwin - on September 3, 2015

star-wars-paper-toysStar Wars fans will surely have marked down the special date in December, as Episode VII is ready and waiting to be released. In fact, we can expect more and more trailers in the months ahead, since we are just close to one more quarter away to the movie’s release. If you cannot get enough of Star Wars, then perhaps it is time to satiate that fever with a little bit of, well, what shall we call it, “side dishes” while waiting for the main course. The £16.99 Star Wars Paper Toys might be perfect for those long road trips or cabin holidays, as it can transform a sheet of paper into your favourite intergalactic villain.

Not only that, the result of your handiwork will definitely make your home look a whole lot cooler, and the best part is, the Star Wars Paper Toys are incredibly simple to construct, so you will not end up tearing your hair out at the end of the day, trying to piece everything together. It seems that Darth Vader is not happy even with so many different kinds of merchandise released in his guise, as he has also enrolled himself to be one of the two iconic characters for the Star Wars Paper Toys range, the other being the “can’t aim for nuts” Stormtrooper. Just a few folds, some glue, and you’re done!

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