Casio WSD-F20A outdoor smart watch

by Edwin - on April 19, 2018

When it comes to watches, Casio is one of the hugely popular brand names out there. After all, Casio timepieces have always been known to be reliable in nature, and the G-Shock series which is now more than three decades old, continues to win fans over with its robustness and ability to be extremely tough. This time around, we will take a closer look at the latest addition to the PRO TREK series of outdoor watches, arriving in the form of the Casio WSD-F20A. Out later this May, the Casio WSD-F20A is said to deliver the hallmark features that outdoor enthusiasts have come to know and love, all without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

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Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater is the perfect portable entertainment device

by Edwin - on April 18, 2018

royole-moonGetting entertained while you are on the go is something that many of us take for granted today with our smartphones, as we keep ourselves occupied through games and movies, or perhaps having non-stop chats with friends over social media. Well, there is another way to be happily oblivious to the real world around after stepping into a virtual reality world through a virtual reality headset like the HTC Vive. Royole Corporation figured out that another method of doing so would be through their award-winning Moon 3D Mobile Theater.

Airwheel SR3 suitcase will follow you wherever you go

by Edwin - on April 17, 2018

Airwheel_SR3Have you ever lost your suitcase before among a sea of passengers or people when you travel? After all, there are only so many different kinds of designs in which luggages come in, and many a time we would have had to tie a bright colored string around ours in order to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. Perhaps it is time to ditch such thinking and do less heavy lifting upon arrival at the airport through the introduction of the Airwheel SR3 smart robot suitcase.

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Tivoli Audio reveals limited edition Bluetooth speakers for the summer

by Edwin - on April 16, 2018

tivoli-audio-pal-btWhen it comes to audio products, especially portable Bluetooth speakers, there are many different kinds of models to choose from, so much so that it could end up as an extremely complicated choice. Tivoli Audio has had experience rolling out quality Bluetooth-powered devices in the past, among them include the PAL BT Go illuminated portable radio. This time around, there is the limited edition DAB portable radio and Bluetooth speaker known as the PAL+BT. This is a re-engineered and award winning piece of consumer technology, ready to swing into action this summer in Lucite Green, Deep Ocean Teal, and Anise Flower colors.

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Misfit Path is now available

by Edwin - on April 15, 2018

misfit-pathA regular watch is not something that many of us would think of getting these days, as we would most probably consider the advantages of picking up a smartwatch instead. After all, a smartwatch would be able to do so much more, not to mention look extremely stylish in the process. Misfit is a company that does not shy away from rolling out smartwatches, and their latest addition to their collection of hybrid smartwatches is known as the Misfit Path. The Misfit Path is now up for sale, where this particular advanced timepiece will be able to seamlessly blend such an iconic design of a classic analog watch alongside the powerful connectivity of a smartwatch.

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Urbanears’ Lotsen speaker does things the Wi-Fi way

by Edwin - on April 14, 2018

lotsenWhen it comes to audio products, the name Urbanears does elicit plenty of bouquets. After all, they have been around for quite a long time, offering quality products that audiophiles have come to love and appreciate. This time around, Urbanears have decided to expand its range of speakers with the small and capable Lotsen. The Lotsen is a very special speaker, so do not let its diminutive form factor fool you. This compact Wi-Fi speaker will boast of big capabilities, where it is easily able to fill small to mid-sized rooms with well-balanced sound and a pleasing bass kick. This makes the Lotsen conveniently sized for compact places such as side tables, shelves and countertops, blending in perfectly with whatever decor theme you have.

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D-Link makes it easier to keep an eye on the home with new Wi-Fi camera

by Edwin - on April 13, 2018

D_Link_Mini_HD_Wi_Fi_CameraA home is supposed to be a place of sanctuary, where one feel safe and protected. However, there are many cases of homes being broken into these days, not to mention absent mindedness which might expose those living under the same roof exposed to danger, making a security camera more of an essential than a luxury. Why not get some additional help in the form of the D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera? With this 2-pack setup, you will be able to check out what is going on at home in crisp HD video, having an additional pair of eyes in the home; or perhaps even the office or other kinds of small business setup environments.

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Thuraya X5-Touch is first satellite smartphone in the world

by Edwin - on April 12, 2018

Thuraya_X5_TouchWhen it comes to mobile devices, we have certainly come a long way in our love affair with gadgets that allow us to communicate in better and more efficient ways than before. The smartphone is one of them, now coming with dual cameras and being the all-round portable entertainment system for most folks. However, has there ever been an Android-powered satellite smartphone? Not quite until today, as Thuraya Telecommunications Company revealed the first device of its kind in the world in the form of the Thuraya X5-Touch. This bad boy will be powered by the Android operating system, although it has not been revealed just which particular version of Android it runs on.

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