The Super Gorone Desk is a desk that will make lounging with your laptop even easier

by Caitlyn - on January 26, 2015

If you spend a lot of time on your laptop, then you know all of the various odd angles you put yourself in trying to get comfortable. Your legs are toasted if you sit with it on your lap for too long, and there aren’t many desks that can adjust well enough to fit your every need. You can melt into one spot for an hour or so, but after a while you’ll want to readjust. If it has been a long day of lounging and you want to lay down before bed while surfing the web for just a little longer, you might find yourself stuck craning your neck and balancing the laptop on your knees or far off to the side of your pillow. Both options are only comfortable for so long.

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Mpowerd announces the Luci EMRG solar light

by Edwin - on January 26, 2015

mpowerdIt goes without saying that each edition of the Consumer Electronics Show over in Las Vegas would bring along with it its fair share of interesting hardware – ranging from which will obviously include products from some of the lesser known brands, but the ideas behind those products are no less “lightweight” in nature. MPOWERD has just announced that their most affordable and versatile inflatable Luci EMRG solar light to date can be purchased online, and having seen preliminary orders and demand, this particular light should hit the store shelves of retailers throughout the USA and internationally some time in the second half of 2015

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Braven delivers co-branded range of portable Bluetooth speakers

by Edwin - on January 26, 2015

BurtonSpeakersWhen it comes to portable speakers, there is one particular name that would definitely ring a bell with most folks – and that name is unmistakably Braven. Touted to be the leader when it comes to outdoor speaker technology, Braven has recently announced an exclusive partnership with Burton Snowboards, which happens to be the world’s leading snowboard company. When the best in their respective fields work together, you can but be assured that the end result too, would be the very best. Hence, here we are with a new range of co-branded, portable Bluetooth speakers that deliver superb audio – namely the Braven BRV-1 and the BRV-X ultra-rugged, waterproof speakers.

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The ChillTHAT! Bowl keeps ice cream at the optimal temperature

by Caitlyn - on January 26, 2015


Ice cream is the sweet snack that fills in the cracks of your stomach after dinner. It is creamy, sweet, and comes in more flavors and varieties than you could think of. This is what makes it both wonderful and terribly dangerous. The only issue with this treat is that it is a frozen snack, and if you take too long to eat it you will quickly be spooning up sweet dairy soup rather than ice cream.

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Talking Thermometer saves you from reading the temperature

by Edwin - on January 26, 2015

talking-thermometerWhile many of us rely on our smartphones and tablets these days to carry the right kind of apps to serve a variety of purposes, including a weather app that will let us know of not only the existing weather, but also for the week ahead – including the various times, and whether you should leave the clothes out to be sun-dried like raisins. Well, not too many people would bother to have a thermometer at home, but this does not mean that you should be like other people! The $16.98 Talking Thermometer will work regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors, which is a good thing.

When you place this handy thermometer inside, where there will be a wired temperature gauge located outside, all that you need to do is to press the “Talk” button, and it will have a loud clear voice which can announce both and indoor and outdoor temperatures. After all, there is an easy to read LCD that will suit all eyes, with an adjustable volume level as well as silent mode. The Talking Thermometer will run on a couple of AAA batteries.

Video Screen Microscope lets you check out the little details

by Edwin - on January 26, 2015

video-screen-microscopeThere are times when having a different perspective of things would come in extremely useful. Case in point, this particular $399.95 Video Screen Microscope, which is a microscope that would be able to replace the standard eyepiece with a tablet-sized LCD screen that is capable of showing off objects at up to 1040X magnification. Yup, a whopping 1040X magnification, now how about that? The presence of an integrated 5MP digital camera will be able to capture not only still images, but videos as well, where it shows off objects on a 7″ thin-film transistor LCD at 800 x 480 resolution.

The microscope will come with a trio of objective lenses – 4X, 10X, or 40X, which will be able to offer optical magnification from 104X-1040X (up to 4160X when used with its 4X digital zoom). The objects can then either be illuminated from the top (where solid objects are concerned) or from the bottom (for prepared slides) using a couple of separate built-in light sources. There is a colored filter wheel which will help to block out wavelengths in order to make objects clearer. The camera itself will arrive with an integrated 128MB memory, allowing you to stash away up to 120 still shots, or up to 40 minutes of video at 1600 x 1200 resolution. In addition, there is also the presence of an SD memory card slot so that you can expand the amount of storage space by another 32GB. Throwing in a USB port, you can then download whatever content it carries onto your computer in double quick time.

Samson delivers Go Mic Direct portable microphone

by Edwin - on January 25, 2015

samson-g-micCommunication is extremely important – one is unable to go through life smoothly without having to possess good communication skills, although communicating well does not mean that one is immune to the downs of life, either. Still, it does help you in your friendships and relationships if you can always convey your thoughts and message across in a clear and accurate manner. There are many ways to communicate, and doing so through a computer via a VoIP program is one of them. Well, the regular built-in microphone found in most notebooks might be functional, but this does not mean it is the best solution. Why not settle for something better, where for the small investment of just $39.99, Samson’s Go Mic Direct would help you talk to the other party in a crystal clear manner.

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Sceptre announces SoundBase TV Audio System

by Edwin - on January 25, 2015

sceptre-tv-soundbaseSceptre, a name that many of us are familiar with when it comes to rolling out high performing LED HDTVs, LCD HDTVs and PC monitors. This time around, they have introduced their latest offering which will not be visual in nature, but rather, to appeal to the aural senses. Basically, the Sceptre SoundBase TV Audio System is an attractive mix of a Bluetooth speaker and a sound bar, being able to transform regular TV programming into an amazing audio entertainment experience as it hooks up sans wires to just about any Bluetooth device for music streaming.

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