NVIDIA SHIELD tablet elevates portable gaming to the next level

by Edwin - on July 23, 2014

Our previous exposure to the NVIDIA SHIELD brand was that of it being touted to be a “portable Xbox”, although in reality, it did not seem as though the device was being shaped in such a direction despite the intention of looking like it. This time around, the NVIDIA SHIELD brand is still being used, except that it will focus on the tablet form factor, now how about that? It certainly looks as though this is the next generation tablet that boasts of superior hardware specifications in terms of gaming capability.

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ECOXGEAR announces Ecostone rugged Bluetooth speaker

by Edwin - on July 23, 2014

ecoxgear-ecostoneWe are no stranger to products from ECOXGEAR, as we have seen the likes of the Ecorox Bluetooth speaker in the past that offers unprecedented durability, although this time around, it seems that the ante has been increased. ECOXGEAR intends to maintain their leadership in the rugged and waterproof products market by rolling out the Ecostone, a new Bluetooth speaker that is more than capable of meeting the demands of outdoor enthusiasts head on, delivering big sound without worrying a wee bit about getting damaged while it is being used.

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Spruce up your desktop with the Satechi USB Air Purifier & Fan

by Edwin - on July 22, 2014

satechi-usb-air-purifierLet’s face the cold, hard facts – many of us actually work in a comfortable, air conditioned environment. In fact, we all have computers that we can more or less call our own at the office, not to mention a nice cubicle that can be turned into a “home away from home”, so to speak. However, some of us do have issues with allergies, especially those that deal with the nose simply because of the air that we breathe. Things are fine and dandy in the countryside where industrialization has not taken place, but for majority of the cities around the world, smog and unhealthy air is one very real issue to tackle. The $39.99 Satechi USB Air Purifier & Fan does address this particular issue, and it does it well, too.

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Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone adds some fun this summer

by Edwin - on July 22, 2014

parrot-spiderIf you think that you are at your wits’ end as to what one can purchase for a grandson who has it all, perhaps you have not quite reached the end of the rope just yet. After all, surely even the richest kid on earth (Richie Rich come to mind?) does not have all the toys released, as he might have missed out one or two out there. Enter the $99.99 Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone, which will definitely add a sparkle to your summer holidays as this app-controlled toy goes about flying, flipping, climbing walls, and rolling itself across ceilings.

I suppose with the amount of acrobatics that it can perform, this is where it got its name from. Spiders do hang about from rather crazy places, don’t they? The Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone is able to fly smoothly in all directions thanks to its sophisticated stabilizing autopilot system, and courtesy of the free app that runs on a smartphone or tablet, it is a snap to pilot. Touch controls, after all, should be second nature to the touchscreen generation at the moment. With its removable wheels, the drone is able to roll up and down walls and across the ceiling, while snapping photos of unsuspecting victims (who are most probably engrossed in a book while wearing a pair of headphones) thanks to its embedded vertical camera. This is definitely one of the cooler drones out there that is easy on your bank account, too. A full hour’s charge gives the Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone 8 minutes’ of adventure.

Transcendent Keyboard spices up your computing life

by Edwin - on July 22, 2014

transcendent-keyboardWhen it comes to the kind of computer keyboard that you use, it can be a very personal issue. After all, the monitor, mouse and keyboard are three separate peripherals that most of us use on a regular basis, spending long hours with them in the process. Having said that, gamers have plenty of keyboards to choose from, among them include the Corsair Vengeance K70. However, if you are a regular computer user who would like a neat typing instrument, what are your options? Take the glamorous route with the $2,000 Transcendent Keyboard – yes sir, it costs two grand, but read on to find out what it is capable of.

The Transcendent Keyboard is one unique peripheral where all keys on this keyboard happens to be a 72 x 72 pixel display that shows any image or icon for personalizing shortcuts and keyboard commands. There is also an LCD within the keyboard that will convert all 77 keys into 1/2″ x 1/2″ displays which will be able to render up to 262,144 colors. The included software then, for instance, enables one to assign an image of your favorite golfer to the key that controls a golf swing in a game, or perhaps an image of Einstein for a key that launches an oft-used custom Excel macro. Thanks to this software, the keyboard layouts will be different when you surf the web, work, and get some rest time playing games. It will be compatible with Windows XP or higher; Mac OS X 10.8 or higher, and loves being plugged into a USB port.

The Eco Drain will let you take longer, hotter showers and save money

by Caitlyn - on July 21, 2014

Eco Drain

Whether or not we mean to, we do a lot of little things that make our electric bills more than they need to be. There has been a rise in Eco-products that will save us a lot all at once, or in tiny increments over a long period of time. Sometimes they’re a grand idea that help us and the environment, but other times it’s nothing but a waste.

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The Koolernaut will tell you the perfect temperature for your beer

by Caitlyn - on July 21, 2014


If you are a fan of beer, then you know of the variety available to you. Some are cheap and gross unless they’re ice cold, and others can be a higher temperature and still hold their own. If you’ve gotten to a point where you want to be a bit more specific, then you might like to know the exact temperature to keep your beer at for optimal enjoyment.

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The Only Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses offers a greater degree of flexibility

by Edwin - on July 19, 2014

adjustable-focus-glassesSome of us loathe to wear glasses because we think that it would make us look silly, while others do not mind having having prescription glasses on as it helps us see things with greater clarity. Others instead will opt for a pair of contact lenses that does have its fair share of advantages as well as flip side to it. The thing is, a pair of prescription glasses works great in the beginning, but over time, most of us do suffer from a deterioration in our eyesight, and that would mean making yet another trip to the optometrist to get our eyes checked out. If only there was a pair of glasses that could be adjusted accordingly, now that would be swell.

The $99.95 Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses does answer this particular clarion call perfectly, as it is touted to be the only pair of reading glasses that will adjust the focus of each lens thanks to a simple turn of a dial. Thanks to the clever use of patented fluid-injection technology that has been specially developed by a physicist at Oxford, the lenses comprise of an elastic membrane that is held between rigid polycarbonate plates. Whenever the dial on either side of the frame is turned, the elastic membrane will bow inwards or outwards, subtly changing the prescription from -4.5 diopters to +3.5 diopters. This means users are able to adjust each lens independently, and should your vision change, you can simply give the side dials another twist. Fashionistas might think twice though, although you can choose from black or brown tortoiseshell shades. This pair won’t help you read in the dark light the LED Reading Glasses though.

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